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Data from: Measuring engagement in advance care planning: a cross-sectional multicentre feasibility study. Howard, Michelle; Bonham, Aaron; Heyland, Daren; Sudore, Rebecca; Fassbender, Konrad; Robinson, Carole; McKenzie, Michael; Elston, Dawn; You, John J.


Objectives: To assess feasibility, acceptability, and clinical sensibility of a novel survey, the Advance Care Planning (ACP) Engagement Survey in various health care settings. Setting: A target sample of 50 patients from each of primary care, hospital, cancer care, and dialysis care settings. Participants: A convenience sample of patients without cognitive impairment who could speak and read English was recruited. Patients 50 years and older were eligible in primary care; patients 80 and older or 55 years and older with clinical markers of advanced chronic disease were recruited in hospital; patients aged 19 and older were recruited in cancer and renal dialysis centres. Outcomes: We assessed feasibility, acceptability and clinical sensibility of the ACP Engagement Survey using a 6-point scale. The ACP Engagement Survey measures ACP processes (knowledge, contemplation, self-efficacy, readiness) on 5-point Likert scales and actions (yes/no). Results: 196 patients (38 to 96 years old, 50.5% women) participated. Mean (±standard deviation) time to administer was 48.8 ±19.6 minutes. Mean acceptability scores ranged from 3.2±1.3 in hospital to 4.7±0.9 in primary care and mean relevance ranged from 3.5±1.0 in hospital to 4.9±0.9 in dialysis centres (p values ; Usage notes
READMEThe Readme file includes a list of files in this data package, and a description of the variables that were removed from the dataset to protect participant identity. Please see the "Data dictionary" for a description of the variables that were included in the dataset, and the "Summary table of indirect identifier data" for a summary of values reported at removed variables.Data Dictionary - Canadian ACP engagement sample BMJ OpenThis file describes the variables that were included in the dataset, and their allowable values.Canadian ACP engagement sample BMJ Open_data dictionary.xlsx
Canadian ACP engagement survey pilotThis file contains the responses of 196 patients in acute care, primary care, cancer care and renal care to a 108-item ACP engagement survey. Process Measures (knowledge, contemplation, self-efficacy, and readiness, 5-point Likert scales) and Action Measures (yes/no whether an ACP behavior was completed) are included.Canadian ACP engagement sample_BMJ Open_indirect identifiers removed.xlsx
Summary table of indirect identifier data - Canadian ACP engagement_BMJ OpenThis file contains descriptive analysis summary tables of indirect identifiers that were removed from the dataset.Canadian ACP engagement_BMJ Open_summary table of indirect identifier data.docx

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