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Data from: General trust impedes perception of self-reported primary psychopathy in thin slices of social interaction Manson, Joseph H.; Gervais, Matthew M.; Bryant, Gregory A.


Little is known about people’s ability to detect subclinical psychopathy from others’ quotidian social behavior, or about the correlates of variation in this ability. This study sought to address these questions using a thin slice personality judgment paradigm. We presented 108 undergraduate judges (70.4% female) with 1.5 minute video thin slices of zero-acquaintance triadic conversations among other undergraduates (targets: n = 105, 57.1% female). Judges completed self-report measures of general trust, caution, and empathy. Target individuals had completed the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy (LSRP) scale. Judges viewed the videos in one of three conditions: complete audio, silent, or audio from which semantic content had been removed using low-pass filtering. Using a novel other-rating version of the LSRP, judges’ ratings of targets’ primary psychopathy levels were significantly positively associated with targets’ self-reports, but only in the complete audio condition. Judge general trust and target LSRP interacted, such that judges higher in general trust made less accurate judgments with respect to targets higher in primary and total psychopathy. Results are consistent with a scenario in which psychopathic traits are maintained in human populations by negative frequency dependent selection operating through the costs of detecting psychopathy in others.; Usage notes
Example of Stata Do-File running multi-level mixed effects modelThis file contains an example of the Stata Do-Files used to run the multi-level mixed effects regression models used in this paper. More details are found in the file itself. This script is not under any licensing agreement.Manson_et_al_Stata_Do-file_Example.txt
Data from Manson et al, "General Trust Impedes Perception..."Each row represents one combination of judge, target and psychopathy factor. Columns represent variables analyzed in this study.data_from_Manson_et_al_General-Trust-Impedes.csv

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