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Data from: Phylogenetic placement of the unusual jumping spider Depreissia Lessert, and a new synapomorphy uniting Hisponinae and Salticinae (Araneae, Salticidae) Maddison, Wayne P.; Maddison, David R.; Zhang, Junxia; Szűts, Tamás


The relationships of the unusual salticid spider Depreissia from central Africa and Borneo have been difficult to resolve, obscured by its highly modified ant-like body. Phylogenetic analysis of the gene 28S strongly supports its placement outside the major clade Salticinae and within the clade of cocalodines, spartaeines and lapsiines, with weaker support for a relationship with the cocalodines in particular. Excluding the genus from the Salticinae is supported also by the presence of a median apophysis on the male palp, and by the lack of a cymbial apical groove cradling the tip of embolus, which is newly presented here as a synapomorphy of Hisponinae plus Salticinae.; Usage notes
28S alignment for Depreissia salticid study, plus treesThis file includes the 28S alignment, the full constraint tree, and trees resulting from various analyses, as indicated in the names of the tree blocksDepreissia28s-05-ForDryad.nex

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