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Relating Forest Fire Occurrences to Diurnal Land Surface Temperature Anomalies in Victoria, Australia from 2001 to 2019 Song, Weiye


Victoria, Australia has suffered from forest fire for a long period, and forest cover account for almost 25% of land cover. Therefore, it is significant to control fire events especially predict the fire burning effectively. Land surface temperature (LST) anomaly, as an important index, may build a relationship with fire occurrences to help fire management. In this dataset, the range is from 2001 to 2019 in January, the fire season peak, of LST anomaly. Through analysis of time series of LST anomaly, fire events occurred frequency as well as causes of fire, more spatiotemporal information was provided. Results have shown that there is no linear relationship between LST anomaly and fire occurrences, but time series of LST anomaly before fire events show a significant trend.

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