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Into the Hedge: The Prevalence and Existence of Fungal Pathogens at UBC Farm Bewsey, Olivia


During this project, we discovered, identified, and cultured fungal pathogens found within the UBC Farm hedgerows and crops. We started with information from the UBC Farm on the known diseases infecting their crops each year. After collecting live plant material from the hedgerows and crops, we compared and contrasted the pathogens we found in each with the diseases they are associated with that may be present at the UBC Farm. The future of fungal pathogen management at the UBC Farm requires more investigation into the severity of the pathogens present and the conformation of the source of inoculum for the crops. The findings of this biodiversity study will contribute to the ongoing biodiversity assessment at the UBC Farm.

Undergraduate thesis advisor: Dr. Brett Couch (UBC Botany)

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