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Replication Data for: The assessment of mineralogical properties and hydrological or physicochemical controls on the drainage chemistry of mine waste rock St-Arnault, Melanie


This study investigates the relationship between waste rock weathering, processes controlling mineral reactivity or solute mobility, and drainage chemistry in field barrel kinetic tests or within the full-scale waste-rock pile. This thesis is divided into 3 research chapters (Chapters 2 to 4) describing the application of automated mineralogical characterizations of waste rock linked to the hydrological regime and/or the leaching behaviour of waste rock after weathering at two scales: field barrels (Chapters 2 and 3) and full-scale waste-rock pile (Chapter 4). Overall, this thesis is facilitating the interpretation of waste-rock reactivity using waste-rock quantitative mineralogical evaluations; providing mineralogical perspectives on geochemical and hydrological processes; expanding the identification of mechanisms affecting metal mobility from waste-rock drainage; and, providing information to achieve more accurate drainage prediction models.

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