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Data for: UBC Farm Long-Term Biodiversity Monitoring Program Mitchell, Matthew G. E.; Carrillo, Juli; Walker, Kristen


This dataset contains data collected through the UBC Farm Long-Term Biodiversity Monitoring Program, which started in May 2019.

Project Description: The UBC Farm Long-term Biodiversity Monitoring Program assesses biodiversity across multiple scales and levels at the UBC Farm. Biodiversity is the foundation of agricultural productivity and contributes essential ecosystem functions and services to food systems. The UBC Farm provides a unique opportunity to monitor the biodiversity important for agroecosystem food production and other ecosystem services on a working, diversified, and organic farm and pilot new technologies and survey techniques to assess agrobiodiversity. The Long-Term Biodiversity Monitoring program focuses on assessing bumble bees, earthworms, forest and crop plants, birds, mammals, bats, and soil fauna each year. The program aims to improve understanding of the biodiversity at the UBC Farm, how it is changing over time, and how this affects important ecosystem services (the benefits people receive from the natural environment) that benefit people, help crops grow, and contribute to overall agroecosystem sustainability.

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