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Data for: A Living Laboratory for Water Sustainability at UBC Farm Johnson, Mark; MacLennan, Erik; Kals, Morten; Morillas, Laura


This dataset contains data collected through the UBC Farm Long-Term Water Monitoring Program, which started in July 2019.

The project will develop a water innovations node for UBC’s Campus as a Living Laboratory initiative to conduct water monitoring and evaluate water use reduction strategies to minimize the water footprint of agriculture at UBC Farm and support UBC’s Water Action Plan. The project will increase the capacity of UBC Farm as a leading living laboratory for research, teaching and learning on water sustainability with academic, public sector and industrial partners. The project will implement new, smart, integrated water and climate monitoring technology at UBC Farm. This will enable living-lab based research to develop water conserving strategies and conduct innovative research across the food-energy-water nexus. The project will also inform best practices on water management and irrigation for urban agriculture and climate change, which can be scaled across campus to reduce UBC’s water footprint, and serve as a focal node for research related to water use in the regional agrifood system.

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