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UBC Farm Soil Amendment Records Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm


This dataset contains records of soil amendment applications at UBC Farm since 2018. The “Soil Actions” dataset includes field location and area; crop and/or rotation group targeted; nutrient required and associated soil test result (detailed data available in UBC Farm Soil Lab Results); amendment name, nutrient percentage, and application rate; amendment amount needed and applied in field (if applied); and whether an amendment was applied. “Compost” dataset includes field and bed location; rotation group targeted; compost type; field area and volume of application; total weight and volume of nutrients; and whether the compost was applied.

Please note that the UBC Farm’s data management practices have grown and evolved over time, and some forms of data have been consistently collected for more years than others. UBC Farm staff are also busy and imperfect humans and sometimes forget to log activities. On rare occasion, erroneous data may accidentally be entered, and these errors may not get corrected during quality control checks. While we do our best to ensure the data we release is complete and accurate, we provide this data to you “as is”, through the disclaimer in the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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