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Model, code and source data for "Development of a conversion model between mechanical and electrical vestibular stimuli" Chen, Anthony; Khosravi-Hashemi, Navid; Kuo, Calvin; Kramer, John K.; Blouin, Jean-Sébastien


This dataset [.mat file] contains data from participants' reflexive eye movement under multi-sine stimulation for mechanical and electrical vestibular stimulation (EVS) and code used for analysis and visualization of data (Experiment 3 [Multi-sine]; Figure 5 only). The model used to generate the equivalent EVS stimulus for a given angular velocity and a test script demonstrating how to use the function are provided.

Instructions to Generate Figure:
1- Download dataset file and Matlab function "Figure5.m".
2- Run the code "Figure5.m".
3- Select Fig5_dataset.mat when prompted.

Instructions to use Mechanical to Electrical Conversion Model:
1- Download "Motion2EVS.m" and "testcode.m"
2- Make sure both files are in the same directory.
3- Run "testcode.m"

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