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Nature Vancouver, a not-for-profit charitable society based in Vancouver, BC, has conducted monthly bird surveys at UBC Farm since March 2007, in part to record the seasonal bird species over the year in nine different habitat areas of the Farm. Surveys occur on the third Sunday of the month starting at 8am (March to September) or 9am (October to February) and typically last two to three hours. Bird occurrences are recorded by genus and species, or when identification is not clear, then simply to genus. The nine stations of the farm include the market garden fields, the herb and flower gardens, the biodiversity hedgerows, and the forested portion of the farm. This data is also available on eBird under the ‘hotspot’ named <a href = "https://ebird.org/canada/hotspot/L452312">Vancouver—UBC south campus Farm</a>.

Site-specific and georeferenced data is available for the nine habitat areas of UBC Farm. Please contact <a href = "mailto:matthew.mitchell@ubc.ca">Dr. Matthew Mitchell</a> to request this data.

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