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2016 Census of Canada - Selected Characteristics for Housing - Vancouver, Toronto CMAs at the Census Tract (CT) Level [custom tabulation] 003 Statistics Canada


This dataset includes two tables which were custom ordered from Statistics Canada. One table includes information on shelter cost to income ratio and total shelter cost by tenure, household type, and household income. The other table includes variables on housing characteristics (total number of bedrooms, structural type, and tenure), and households (household size, household type, and age of primary household maintainer). </p>

The dataset is in Beyond 20/20 (.ivt) format. The Beyond 20/20 browser is required in order to open it. This software can be freely downloaded from the Statistics Canada website: https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/public/beyond20-20 (Windows only). <br /> For information on how to use Beyond 20/20, please see: <br /> http://odesi2.scholarsportal.info/documentation/Beyond2020/beyond20-quickstart.pdf <br /> https://wiki.ubc.ca/Library:Beyond_20/20_Guide </p>

<b>Custom Order from Statistics Canada</b></p>

<b>TABLE 1 includes the following dimensions and variables:</b></p>

Geography: Toronto CMA & Vancouver CMA to the census tract level</p>

Tenure: Owner (with and without mortgage), renter, subsidized, not subsidized </p>

Shelter Cost to Income Ratio: less than 15%, 15-30%, 30-50%, 50% or more, not applicable </p>

Household Type: <br /> -Census-family households<br /> -One-census family households without additional persons<br /> -One couple census family without other persons in the household<br /> -With children<br /> -Without children<br /> -One lone-parent census family without other persons in the household<br /> -One-census-family households with additional persons<br /> -One couple census family household with additional persons<br /> -One lone-parent census family with additional persons in the household<br /> -With children<br /> -Without children<br /> -One lone-parent census family with other persons in the household<br /> -Multiple census-family households<br /> -Non-census family household<br /> -One person households<br /> -Two or more person non-census households</p>

Total Shelter Cost: under $500 to over $3000 in intervals of $250 and $500 </p>

Household Income: in intervals of $10,000 up to $100,000 or more</p>

<b>TABLE 2 includes the following dimensions and variables:</b></p>

Geography: Toronto CMA & Vancouver CMA to the census tract level</p>

Total number of bedrooms: No bedrooms to 4 or more bedrooms</p>

Tenure: Owner, renter</p>

Structural type: <br /> -Single detached house<br /> -Apartment with 5 or more stories<br /> -Other attached dwelling<br /> -Semi-detached house<br /> -Row house<br /> -Apartment or flat in a duplex<br /> -Apartment, building with fewer than 5 stories<br /> -Other single attached house<br /> -Movable dwelling</p>

Age of Household Maintainer: Begins at 15 and continues in 9 year intervals until 75 and over.</p>

Condominium Status: Condominium, not a condominium</p>

Household Type:<br /> -Census-family households <br /> -With children<br /> -Without children<br /> -Multiple census-family households<br /> -Non-census family household</p>

Household Size: One person up to 5 or more persons</p>

Original file names:<br /> EO2969 - Table 1 (Part 1) Cost income household _Toronto and Vancouver 2016.ivt<br /> EO2969 - Table 2 Tenure and dwelling_Toronto and Vancouver 2016.ivt</p>

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