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Crescent Beach data Matson, R.G. (Richard Ghia), 1944 -


As part of the project that led to the excavation of the Crescent Beach site in 1989-90, three sites had their artifacts classified using the same system. These are the collections from the 1989-90 excavations at Crescent Beach, the 1949-50 excavations at Whalen Farm and the 1948 excavations at the Locarno Beach site. The description and illustrations of the artifact classes are found in Chapter V of The Crescent Beach site and the place of the Locarno Beach phase (edited by R.G. Matson) available at: https://circle.ubc.ca/handle/2429/39218. The individual artifacts have their provenience, classification and metric measurements given in the Crescent Beach Artifacts databases. Three separate files in DBaseIII format, one for each site, are described in the Codebook for the Crescent Beach artifacts. In Chapter XII of the Crescent Beach monograph, a number of Locarno Beach culture or related components are compared using multivariate techniqes. In the Site Codebook the Excel file that tabulates the 26 assemblages and 55 artifact classes used is described.

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