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Replication data for: A comparison of forest dynamics in old-growth and second growth coastal temperate rainforests on Grappler Peninsula, Bamfield, British Columbia Beasley, Barb; Burton, Ashley; Herbert, Jocelyn; Holmes, Stephanie; Jurcevic, Kelsey; Kang, Jasveen; Lewis, Holly; Myers, Brittany; Palen, Wendy; Stabel, Dane; et al.


Trees in the one-hectare SI/MAB second growth and EMAN old growth plots were recensused May 30 to June 10, 2011. Bird species were identified by auditory and visual surveys June 3 to June 6, 2011. <p/> Both plots are located on the north side of Grappler Inlet near Bamfield, British Columbia on property owned and administered by the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. The centre of the SI/MAB plot has GPS coordinates 48°50’19.00”N, 125°08’02.00”W (48.83861111, -125.13388889), and the centre of the EMAN plot has GPS coordinates 48°50’05.00”N, 125°07’45.00”W (48.83472222, -125.12916667). <p/> Both plots are divided into 25 quadrats (20m x 20m). SI/MAB quadrats 1 and 2 were eliminated from the study due to the unsafe slope of the cliff. Live and dead standing trees with a DBH (diameter at breast height) ≥ 8 cm were censused for species, DBH, status (physical condition) and tree health. <p/> Auditory and visual surveys were done in both plots to determine bird presence and call frequencies of nesting and breeding species. <p/> Data was collected by students in the Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation course taught by Dr. Barb Beasley and Dr. Wendy Palen May 2-June 10, 2011 with Teaching Assistant Dane Stabel.

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