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Replication data for: The natural capital of Grappler Peninsula: a comparative study of old and secondary growth coastal temperate rainforest Beasley, Barb; Bossley, Sasha; Hentschel, Amanda; Herman, Tom; Huynh, Maily; Lalonde, Jenn; Mitchell, Peter; Starkhouse, Ben; Walker, Jonathan


The one-hectare second growth SI/MAB plot was recensused August 1-20, 2007, and a second plot of old growth cedar forest was established and censused following Environment Canada's Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network or EMAN protocol. Data is presented here. For a comparison of canopy cover in the SI/MAB plot between 2001 and 2007, see the 2007 student report. <p/> Both plots are located on the north side of Grappler Inlet near Bamfield, British Columbia on property owned and administered by the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. The centre of the SI/MAB plot has GPS coordinates 48°50’19.00”N, 125°08’02.00”W (48.83861111, -125.13388889), and the centre of the EMAN plot has GPS coordinates 48°50’05.00”N, 125°07’45.00”W (48.83472222, -125.12916667). <p/> Both plots are divided into 25 quadrats (20m x 20m). Live and dead standing trees were censused for species, DBH (diameter at breast height) and status (physical condition). Only trees with a DBH ≥ 8 cm were censused in the EMAN plot to avoid the detrimental effects of nailing tags into the trunks of small trees. This same principle was applied to new trees in the SI/MAB plot but none were found. <p/> Data was collected by students in the Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation course taught by Dr. Tom Herman and Dr. Barb Beasley July 23-Aug 31, 2007 with Teaching Assistant Ben Starkhouse.

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