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LibQUAL+ 2009 Subset Friesen, Margaret; Lesack, Paul; University of British Columbia Library; Zaher, Suher


The LibQUAL+ survey is a web-based survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries. It measures the value of library service quality. The complete survey includes demographic questions, 22 core questions, and general satisfaction/usage questions. LibQUAL+ 2009 Subset: The current dataset is a subset of the LibQUAL+ 2009 survey. It includes six (6) variables representing two (2) groups of variables. These are: Demographic variables Variables: 1. Academic discipline 2. Library used most often 3. User group LibQUAL+ general satisfaction and library use questions Variables: 4. Satisfaction - learning, research, teaching support 5. Satisfaction - overall quality of service 6. In-person visits to the library

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