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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, July… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Jul 21, 1931

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Jo/j.SJ 9. «i->^
Himutoa of Mmting of tho Board af Sru^toon of tho wlnileid and
Qkanagaa Centra Irrigation Bt strict* held ot Mr* 3efcton*o residence
%t Finiiolll* Tnoodmjr ovenlng* July Elrt 1931*
im^*ti I   £metoat   aootoa* Ke&onald, Sray and Baal* and tho
Xhlo meting having boon called mstalf to dl&ouso tho qnostloa of
bwif&i'qg o flume te avoid tho present oootoga 4b Pnck Greek betwoon
the outlet of tho present By-p&ee on& tho fowioy daia, tho fru^tooo
wont into dot* Hod cUecuertian of oil ghroos of iShlo wrttor*
It woo pointed out till tho Bistriet Engineer ond tho Water
Comptroller hud intl&ntod that atepo aflat bo taken to protoot tho
righto of the itoofc Orotic Uooflu
Hr« Head submitted tho inftmaatlom gathorod br Er* Soldi©, who
woo not abt© to §§ present Ot tils mooting*, os tho probahla ooet
eto#f of building a ftaao t*$ by lf from (nark corner to Ooi*riir*ity
i§ilif and of aaltohiag the present by-paaa to oonnoot with thio
proposed fltna*   Aooordlng m tfeoso figures it would opjo&r that
tho ooat of i woodon flmo would bo about |EfB0O*    (incluiing tho
moving af tho by~pn&o)9 and o stool flume would 00^ t about S8*809*
WBM* Bead aaggooiod tbn-ti it would bo advloabia to find out' if there
* im any posoitoiUiy w£ tho (tommm? wonting %q charge vanco! for
the mo Mt tho present bypoon for thSa i:'wp«##
It waa dooiAod that the Sraafeooa won!4 Moot tho Suck Creek Usoro
ond i&f lot 11$ mmm ot o jpabllo abating to fen bold T^itrstiBy
July 83rd f in tho Ceignunlty Sail, to diaettso tho whole qnootitape
ft d$nc4$:wuo Of opinion omongat tlif fruatooa woo that it f^lS
bo rmmomblo 'tm mm Distriot to aupply tto material far the
oomtruatloa of o lumber flume* and that th© ©th*>r wmtM ahoulft
pr^vido fdta balsa*©© of tho coat*
Mr* MoSpaold ra$>ortod Mo oonvoaaation with A,P«clork in regard
to tho latter*a ai^tiestioa for o leoaa on property ot Beavoy £obo#
fhe Syuataaa «i3l<l©roi that no notion on their part OM oollod
tm ot tho proaant time, but they sour no roaaatil to withdraar thoir
opposition to anything whle^h might ©©nteatnata tho Be&var lake
wo tar oo$$ly#
She Moratory uadortook to ©and fnaploo of tenoofci© wataa to
tho laboratory in XOlo^na for onal^Ble*
ffci iNtorotary Voiortod ooaploial tMnm Mr#. Qrimm that Monday and
fioiiday wator aooro hod beoa ponafiaaft by tho Oompany roouming
aorvloo of tor Vm rooont aiastdown on ^odnondflgr* thna depriving tha
Monrioy aad tnoaday nne*a of an irr%oti09i*    Xha SBruetooa oonpifiorod
tlmt tho yrortdlng tho Company asrriod out their aapronaod intention
of giving thaao morn mm o^rtra irriimtion at tho $M of fei ooanao
the^cimi/lalTit wadtiL bo aat«
>Jiainrgan ^oe rotary


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