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Minutes of meeting of the Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, May 3, 1943 Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District May 3, 1943

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Heating of the Trustees of the winfield and Okanagan Cam tea
%rr* District held at the Rainbow Ranche Office at 8p.su om
MondcTF May 8/43
PBISMT «T*E* Seaton Im the chair* Messrs Constable, Fallow*
Goldie, and Nuyens
fae minutes of three previous mnetings - Mar 1/43, Mar 17/43
amd mar 21/43 ware read and it waa
MOVED hy Constable
SECONDED hy fcoldie - That thl minutes of tha meetings Mar 1/
Mar 17/43 and Mar 21/43 ha adopted*  QARRIBD
Arising out if tha minutes, the See* reported that Bank Form
Ho.1*1-89 had heen duly signed, k  that either or both tha Ch
mam & tha See had acciaa to tha Safety Deposit Box* Also tha
ha had inspected tha bonds in tha Safety D*B* amd tha serial
numbers arl m      D*«M7873~4-5-6~7 • Stffc payable June k See*
Due 19§6 Talma |5000.00 k Series K8- M84508-9. 8JS payable
Mar. & Sept* Due 195* Value #2000*00
O !& alao raportid that tha S*D*B* keys were In thl safe*
Am Correspondence received limn thl last maatlmt maa then
read? k eons is ted of letters fram W.W.Robinson, ?•Shanks,
MeTfcvish,w1*lllis,k Gaddes Ltd*, J. Reekie, Thm Walar Comptroller, the Deputy Comptroller, G.D.Marshall, & a round rob
resulting fram a growers meeting hall em Ap*30/*3
As a result of this reading the Saa maa instructed to mrl
|# the following letters :-
To Mr. Panfold making If ha had given anyone authority tm
lower tha level of Beaver Lake during tha Winter of 19*1-8*
To Mr*G*D*Marshall setting 4*30 pm Friday Hay 7/43 aa a ac
venient time to meet him re* the railing of tha water rates,
To Thl Dipt* of Lands re* thl conservation fund interest,
To The Okanagan Investments Co.Ltd* saying that tha Olagg*
property was up to data om the District Tax,
To McTavish, Whillis, k Gaddai ltd. saying that ma have n<
record of tha lot mentioned im their letter*
The auditor1s Financial Statement waa then read k discussed,
it ami
MOVED hy Goldie
Seconded by Constable | that tha Auditors report k  financia!
statement as at Mar*15/45 ha received k adopted* CARRIED
MOYsft hy Nuyens    (CONTINUED)
Seconded by Fallow - That tha amount of | 20*87 for taxes 1
tha years 19*0 k prior (owing by tha S*S.B. ?) ha written is
as mot collectable*  CARRIED &>/3.S7?,oX.(a%
MOVED hy Goldie
SECONDED by Fallow - That ma invent # 3500*00 Im the present
Dorn. of Canada Ho** Victory Loan, k  that the Sao* ha instructed to apply for the same. Payment to he made tbramgh the
Canadian Bank of Commerce In Kelowna* CARRIED
MOVED by Nuyens
Seconded hy Fallow / That thl following a/ofs ha passed k
payment authorised :-
Spurrier   Ledger cover # 3*45
Workmans Comp* Board 5*00
Winfield Hall rent for 1942 5.00
See. salary far ftfar.k April 25*00
Beaver Lake Lease 100*00
MOVED hy Constable
SECONDED hy Nuyems | That a letter of thanks hi sent to Mr*
R. Rutherford for his work on our books * especially for tha
19*2 year*     CARRIED
MOVED hy Goldie
SECONDED hy Constable - That resolution regarding dues date
£ Mar* 15/48 ) be rescinded k advanced to March 51/48*CARRIED
The Sec. maa instructed to contact Mr* Hart by regietared
letter re. his 1941 Tax. It maa than Aecldad that Mr* Fallow
would apeak to him first, k inform the Sea* ef the result*
The Sec* them read a letter from Mr. B* Reid of Winfield
asking for lameatle water on Lota 1 to 22 & Lots 1 to 23
Blocks 4&5 Map 540.
Am this property la 1 grade land h la outside the Biatrial
the See maa instructed to write a refusal* This decision ami
Tha date of the Annual Heating was left to the discretion of
tha See* pending the printing of thl Financial Statements*
MfrVed by Constahle
SECONDED hy Fallow - That every mater near have Financial
Statement mailed to him*   CARRIED
Tha meeting adjourned at 11*50 p*m*
-Sec. — —■ Chairman*


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