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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, June… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Jun 22, 1931

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i A>/3.S7.9.0mi.\2M
Minute© of Koatir^of th© Board of Trust©©© M th© winfield
and Okanagan Centra Irrigation district, helL-^at th© r©sid©n©©
of the ©halrman, Mr* J* I* Beaton, at winfleld, Monday,
June £8nd 1981 at 8 ovclook Bt.
Present Messrs* McDonald, Head, Qoldie and Seat em and tha
Mm  it oldie submitted a copy of telegram r©o©lv©d by Mr* dowolf
from the at©r Comptroller, odvislng that Pi strict would have
to make formal applies ti on for "change of work©** involved
in draining upper lakes and in pumping from Beaver Lake, and
that pttli© hearing would ba necessary before decision could
bo givon*  Mr* O^ldi© also reported his conversation aith
tho district kn&iEeer on this subjaot.
After considerable discussion, it woo deel&od to wire
tho Comptroller, and also th© Mlniatar of Finance, Mr* J. W*
Jones, asking the Comptroller to come in at once ©at help
us In arriving at a solution of th© pr©aont em©rg©n©y*
Moved by Mr* Mo Dona. Id,
Seconded by Mr* Head*
That Bylaw Ifo. 9, authorising tha
borrowing of $7,000* from tha Oonaarvation
7we& bo approv©d, reconsidered and flnnaly
passed at thi© meeting, {copy filed with
than© minutes)
Mr* Beaton reported on his trip to tho Takao with Mr* W* A*
Cameron; Mr* Camaroa having premised to forward figure© on
ll JL U    «*. x Mil X Xin^t*    Jv X UlOj^ V 1 #y *
Th© Saorotary was lnstruotoft to fill out applloatlons far
right to "ohaago works" ro draining of upper lakes and for
pumping from Braver Lako* but to hold thea© ponding result
of our oomaunication to the Comptroller*
Mr* McDonald reported that Kr* (traham, th© ater bailiff, had
suggested to him that tha Trustao© alght advls© th© cutting off
of water from Boover Lake for a period* Aftor some diecu©©ion
it wo© decided to dofer action on this ©ingestion*
fh© Mooting th©n adjourn©d«


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