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Letter from James J. Warren to J. H. Aberdeen, G. R. Venables, W. H. Prowse, V. R. McDonagh, and James… Warren, James J. Mar 9, 1926

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Okanagan Centre, B.C.
March 9th 1926
To Messrs. Aberdeen, Venables, McDonagh* Prowse and Goldie,
Referring to our interview the Land and Irrigation Companies without
prejudice to the legal rights of all concerned will agree as follows,-
1. Beginning with Jan. 1, 1925 the rate to be $6*00 per acre foot
with a minimum of |6*00 per acre for both Land Company Acreage and th© acreag^
of the ranchers.
2. The first charge on the receipts to be the operation, maintenance
and current renewals of the system.
3. The next charge to be the interest en at 8 per cent on the actual
cost of the new dam put in by the companies.
4. The surplus to be paid ober by the Companies to the Comptroller
of Water Rights to be used exclusively and under his direction aa a reserve
fornthe renewal and upkeep of the system.
Either the Companies or the Ranchers may apply under the Statute te
the Board of Investigation for a modification of the above arrangement after
January 1st 1927
The Companies agree that the ranchers msy appoint one of themselves
or an auditor to examine the accounts of the Companies in Regard to
irrigation matters.
I attach a copy of my letter of March 31st 1922 to Mr. Coe, at
that time chairman of the water users.  The original of his answer
acknowledging that this letter sets out the arrangement then made is on
file with Honorable the Minister of Lands.
Yours truly.
I  (signed;  James J. Warren.


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