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Letter to [James] Goldie from the District Engineer of the Department of Lands, March 27, 1926 Department of Lands, District Engineer of Mar 27, 1926

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 dieOrtment of lands O
department f.le no  -^ J||L g»      Office of District Engineer,
local file no!  i^^^^^v      JCalowna.-.  , b.c,
,*-^^^^^Kr Mar. 27th. 1926
jRe • •	
(Do not write on more than one subject on one page.)
J.  Goldie,  Esq.,
Rainbow Ranch,
Winfield.   B.  C.
Re Supply of Water to early Licensees on Duck
La fee Creek:.
Dear Sir:
The present outlook for the coming season, owing to the reported
small snowfall, is that there will be a small run-off from creel-
catchments in this Valley.
fhe main supply of water in Duck Lake Creek in the past was
supplied by the overflow of Duck Lake. In I924-I925 no water reached
Duck Lake from Vernon Creek, owing to the amount of water stored in
Beaver Lake.
In order to prevent the necessity arising of having to fill Duck
Lake from water held in storage at Beaver Lake I endeavoured in both
1924 and I925 to get all interested parties to Jointly construct a
by-pass flume or ditch to convey water from Vernon Creek at the intake
of the ditch for Lot 118 and deliver it into Duck Lake Creek below the
outlet of Duck Lake. Licensees interested in the Beaver Lake storage,
however, failed to take any stepw towards this end, and it was
necessary in 1925, in order to augment the flow in Duck Lake Creek,
to allow far more water to be used by the Indian Reserve and Lot 118
than was authorized under the licences. This was done entirely in an
endeavour to avoid the necessity of filling Duck Lake from the
Beaver Lake storage.
I would now again put before you the only methods whioh present
themselves for getting the water into Duck Lake Creek that is necessary
to supply the early rights on that Creek, viz:
(1) By allowing Duck Lake to fill to overflowing. This can only
be possible at the expense of storage at Beaver Lake.
(2) By the construction of a by-pass flume or ditch by those
parties who are interested in the storage at Beaver Lake. DEORTMENT  OF   LANDS    O
 , B.C.,
Mar. 21th....JL92i?
Be i ■	
(Do not write on more thanvone subject on one page.)
(j) By using the method adopted in 1925 of allowing the Indian
Reserve and Lot 118 water users to use excessive water x>n  their
lands, in order to help the flow of Duck Lake Creek by seepage
from the land irrigated.
To use method Ho. 1 everyone I think will agree would be
Ho. 2 is without doubt the best and cheapest way as by using
this method the amount of water could be delivered inxo Duck Lake
Creek that the licensees on that creek are entitled to, and a great
saving in storage effected.
No. 3.  In I925 this method waa used and accomplished the end
in view fairly well, but it is very wasteful of water. In 1925
owing to Beaver Lake reservoir being filled to capacity this waste
was not felt so accutely as it would be in a season such as the
coming one possibly may be, when storage may be limited.
I am sending a copy of this letter to all parties that I can
consider interested.
It is sent in an endeavour to put the situation clearly to them
before the time arrives when the early licensees on Duck Lake
Creek are short of water and demand it under their priority of
If the necessary steps to conserve water are not taken by the
parties interested than no objection to the wasteful method Ho. 3
being adopted can reasonably be made.
lours truly, j  jfa
District Engineer
W*mW$® (—


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