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Letter from V. R. McDonagh to J. L. Logie, June 17, 1925 Logie, J. L. Jun 17, 1925

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o o
June 17,  1925.
V* B. McBonagh, Esq.,
Chairman, Water Users Cowsittee,
B. H. 1, Vernon, B. C.
Dear Sir:
Your favor of the 12th inst* to hand re Water Becords
on Flat.
The situation in regard te the Okanagan Centre Irrigation &  Power Company is that they are carriers of water only
and have contracts with various users to convey the water to
their lots under certain conditions under a storage license.
Should the water not be there to convey, they have no responsibility. They are only supposed to convey the water that
belongs to this license, to the various lot owners. The Okanagan Valley Land Company has a storage record that is appurtenant to certain lands. They own the storage site or Dam, but
the water only so far as they are still the owner of certain
lands, only that proportion belongs to them. Should any shortage oeeurr in the water they would only lose their share of
that shortage and are not responsible in any shape or form if
anything should happen in any way over which they have no
control, to the water. Now I am not giving you an opinion, I
am telling you what is an actual fact, about which there is no
difference of opinion. From this you can see whether or not
the Okanagan Valley Land Company has any »ore right to put in
any system or spend any money to make good this license, but
only in proportion as it effects the land on which they are
using the water with all other water users. We are willing to
do our share, so is Mr. Celdie, as he informed both myself and
Mr. Norrington, but neither of us are willing to bear the full
responsibility and cost. That the water users on the Flat have
a grievance to my mind there is no doubt, but this must be
settled by all parties being a party to any arrangement made,
whose license is affected.
Yours truly,
H§ ^we^n|


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