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Speech Addressed to James Goldie from John White, February 1955 White, John Feb 28, 1955

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 9*J~  )W
By command of the Worshipful Master I have a very happy and
exceptional duty to perform. Fifty years is a long time in the life
ef any man. The life span as laid down by the Psalmnist in the volume
©f the Sacred Law is only twenty years more, so that for a Brother
to achieve Fifty years active Masonry is an unusual and notable circumstance, so much so that- the Grand Lodge have seen fit to provide
a Special Button for those Brethern who have qualified for it.
It is now some forty-three years since I first knew of Brother Jim
Goldie and I have known him intimately for 28 years • Here is a
Brother Mason in whom there is no guile, a Brother who naturally
and as a matter of course practices the teaching of the five points
©f Fellowship in deed as well as in word, not only within the confines
of his Masonic cable tow but in his many and varied associations
elsewhere. Brethern there is nothing more inspiring than a long
life, well and fully lived, where as our MaEonic teaching instructs
us, the mind is perfected and mellowed in the years of Hfe, experience and practise. There are quite a few such, in public life
today, but here we have one of our own Brethern who has that
distinction, and yet 50 years a Freemason sit lightly on him, neither
is his eye dimmed nor his natural force abated, and I feel sure I
speak for all the Brethern when I say how happy we are to congratulate
him. Brother Jim Goldie, it is my honour and privilege to present
and invest you with this 50 year button, conveying to you the
heartiest good wishes and congratulations of the B. M. and the
G. Lodge and the Best Wishes from your Brethern in Miriam Lodge for
many many more years of Masonic Fellowship


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