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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, December… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Dec 15, 1930

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 m • H t  • j*/3.sz%6-lMv
Minute© of Kaatl/^of' the Board of Trustees o^fche
iiB.fi eld & Okanagan Centre Irrigation DlstrieV; held Akths-
' Secretary;1 s residence at winfleld, Monday, December 15«p
1950 at 4.>o §fclock P*M.
present,- Messrs.  seaton, Goldie and Aberdeen* and the
Secretary, I,G.Mails.
The Minute© of the Meeting ©f govember ?th were taken a©
read, and it wa©
Olfeved by Mr. Aberdeen,
Seconded by Mr. Goldie,    That these minutes be adopted,
Carr ed.
The Secretary submitted a statement of expense© incurred
to date together with estimate© to cover foreseen expenses
up to the end of the current year, copy of which is filed
herewith • iixw&sx^&xml^^
Moved by Ifir. Goldie,
Seconded by Mr. Aberdeen, That th© following account© bo
paid forthwith:-
1* Lawley, (3©p.a/o supplies) $ 1?.?0
Jean P.urve© (report of a©©tlng) 10,00
A.P. Clarke  (boat© ©tc.) 5 00
Vernon Now© (Advtg.Application) 26.00
J. B. Spurrier (books etc.) 18.50
Community Hall    (2 mooting©j 4.00
C.P.Telegraph (Kelowna) W4G
/                      do                (Vernon) 1 .08
W. A* Cameron (Survey & pl-v^s) 105*00
F. W. Groves    (           do.             ) 61.00
«X. B. Seaton    (survey work etc) 6o*OC
Moved hy Mr. Goldie
Seconded by Mr. Aberdeen,
That Bylaw Bo*5 (copy of which aco©mpanl©© those *
minot©©) ©©ttlng a tax rate of 50 cent© per
acre on ^a.1* land for the y*ar 1 $50, be adopted
The Secretary read th© notice of appeal by th© S.S.B. against
the assessment of lot 68 plan 444, and the advio© from th©
Water Board that thi© appeal would be heard by them on
Thursday, Dec.16th at finfield. Th© Secretary was instructed to
write Mr." T.A.Gray asking him to be present at this, hearing to
give evidence, and ©aoh member of the Trusts©© and the Secretary
undertook t© be present to glv© what information they have.
The Secretary read a lo%fcer from th© C.K.R. in regard, to the
crossing of the Railway wy th© Bypass* It was d aided to Mater
action on this, and if possible the Truatoo© would go i&t1p||&$
matter ©n Dee* l8th. "8|§r^
A letter from the Game commissioner re trapping of Beaver in
Beaver Lal*e watershed, waa read, and the S©©retary wamiruat:n©t©d
to write him again, asking for more definite action on^%his.
Th© J©©essor wa© in«tructed to make a revised detailedwApessmeit
roll of Blocks D*P*G*I*J* plan 454 (0k.Centre Town lot©7%laseig
as "A* lets which have received domestic or irrigation water
pricr te iy>C, and to advise the ewnoa© of this elaoolfleation.
The Mooting thon ad|ourned,


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