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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, June… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Jun 20, 1931

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I   I c2o/3.S7.9 c^tt??
Minutes of a aootlna of th© noard of Trustees ^-sf th© winfi©ld
and Okanagan C#nti(_)l rr igation district, teldLJ the reside no©
of Mr. J* Goldie, at Okanagan Contra, Saturday, June £0th 1931
at 0 o'clock P*S*
Proaant * fraatees   Goldie, MoP^nald* Sroy and Bood, §M tho
Secretary, £*  C* Mail©*    The Chairman, J, X# Seaton
being absent owing to survey work BAf Crooked  Lake*
Treat©© J, soldie was aalced to aot mb Chairman af the meeting*
Fr* C©ldle explained that Trust©©© 8©aton, McDonald end he,
together with Mr* Grovoa ©n& Mr, d© wolf had visit©d Beaver
Lake Friday,  Jtuae I9th, and had dia ©tinned varlona ©agio© of
th© pumping proposal}    aa a rasult of tho oonverratlon at that
tim©,  it had opp©ar©4 ^notifiable to malm a careful surv©y of
the possiM litis© of securing furthar water from Crooked Lake
and other lakes draining into Boayor Lake and Mr* Beaton
accompanied by it.  w* A* Cameron was^ now engaged in thle work*
Hr* Goldie also advised the fruateea that ha hod boon informed by
rr.  Groves, by telephone today, that Mr* Penfold,  tho Distriot
Engineer,- that th© ildorado Kanoh lnt©nd to protest ©gainst
th© district pt&aping water from Sesver toka* a&ft farther t)*at
they will BXi act to receive water oa long mm water is being
d©liver©d to the McCarthy and Phillip© roeords.
In regard to the pumping proposition, Mr* doldl© polntod
out that th© figures preparod by Br* droves bas©d on ©stlaat©©
received from various firms would appear to indicate that tha
cost of this work would be much higher than had bean anticipated*
th© lowest bid involving a tot&l expenditure cf about f7,000#
for the Bqbitqt Lake pumping ©©heme;    this flgnra might b©
considerably reduced if sufficient wotor could be obtolned from
th© upper lake©, by &To&gtng channels, etc*, to materially
owgRent the present visible ©apply in Beaver Lake and time
reduce the amount that would need to be ptmspad*
The Pietriot Engineer has also stated that it will  ba
necessary to have plans, either for draining upper lakes, ©r
for pulping from j&avor Lako* ©proved fey tho ^ojiiptrollar*
The Truatees dlscusssd at length th© various point© raised;
ftr. Kead stressed the iap©rt©naa of ©souring adequate water a©
that trees i&lght go into winter in good shapo, aa otherwise
very heavy lose was to be anticipate* j    Mr* McDonald pointed
out that Hr* Cameron had been engagod and ha and ;(r. S©aton
had started on survey of Bpper Lakea, without waiting for
conference with other trustees, on aoaount of urgonoy of matter;
this action met with the approbation ot the other trusts©©*
Mr* Crgldle points out Importonoe of gathoriag ©eeur#t© data an
quantity of nater which aright be secured by extensive draining ©f
!ltper Lakes, and that notion must depend on engineer's report.
Mr* Soldi© quoted substance        his conversation with 8r* dofelf
in which th© latter had promised to wire the Comptroller about
th© situation and drawing his attention to tha faot that both
tto Minister of Land© and the Minister of Flnan©© were
acquainted with the proposal to purap from Beaver Lak© and had
aatyroseed their approval of it*
Lot   rCn; o
frost••• -   jud. 80th 1**1 £t>/3,S7,f,6^»\?sb
#     \ oI(8)     -       o
It was moved by Mr. McDonald,
Seconded by Mr. Oray,  -  fhat Mr* w* A* Caaaroa ba employed
to accompany Mr* Beaton for the purpoao
of making sufficient survey of Crooked
and upper lakes to d«f|©rmine amount ©f
water wMah could be secured by dredging
oh&nnela, and tha approximate cost*
fh© Secretary reported to th© Trusties th© lett©r received
from the manager of tha Ok*Centra Irrigation Company, in
regard to an interview M©003rs. Read and STODonald had had with
him tmy  SSnd In regard to distribution of water* Tho Trnato©©
considered tlmt tide  lattar contalnad uncalled for insinuations
of lack of faith en the part of ¥^bbtm*  Bond and aoBonald, and
it was Moved by Mr. Sray,
sooondod by Mr* doldi©,
That the Beor©tary be inatruoted to writ©
Rr» Marshall advising him that Messrs* Bond
and IfoDonold had interviewed him on this
subject with the full knowledge of th© oth©r
Trust©©©, &n&  that it waa owing to unavoidable
elrotima u*nc©e that at least two of the other
Trustees had not accompanied theza*
A letter fron Mr* H* Bond, asking tMt th© frusta©© talc© aome
action to secure from the company rabataa which he eonsldora h©
ia ©ntitled to on delivery of water in 1989, wee considered
Movau oy mt* w$xtnot
That th© Secretary be in; tructed to advis©
Mr* B^iid that the Trustee© donsldar that they
would not be justified in becoming partiea to
matters of   laputo botwo©n individual tmMTM
nwL the conpany, ©apecially where such diaputoa
had arisen prior to til© organ! at Ion of th©
jyir? t.rxc w ,   *\ik  xsf«#w*
Eh© Secretary advised that notice had' been rao©lved from th©
ater Board that Mr,     . c* Sgpoland had appli©d for tho right to
pump water from ife gan toko (S-Aor© Fe©tl to hi© property
at Okanowan Centra*
MX Board
In the event of a user in th© district ptaaping water
for his own property, would that lend ©till bo liable
for tasos to tho District -    would such nmr b* entitled
to r©t©in record on Beaver %ke aa well as pamping
reeora from other lake.
Kr* c* rove a than gov© the Trustee© figure© on varlou© quotations
fie had received for pumping equipment.      hea© war© considered
Hi© Trust©©© considered It d©ai*abl© that weir© ahould be
In©tailed on th© outlet of all streams running into B©ov#r
k&ke, so that mora accurate data could be eo&jp&led ©a to
satural Croak flow.
["1x0 Hast*"** th^^ »d ^fiy»-v»-»i->^


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