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Notes on Beaver Lake Water Supply, [1926] [unknown] 1926

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 3fet2>.^>.oaoa 59
Aore Feet
Prior Rights 1748.2,5
Less Countess Bubna
and McCarthy 707*00       1041.2.5 Acre Feet
Plus .5/8 tf     ?cf*oc 442.00    »        *
Net quantity due prior licensees       1483.25 Acre Feet
Plus 20% for loss in transit 296.65  "  *
1779.9O Acre Feet
Time to be delivered - 80 days
Quantity.per day - 1780  = 22.2.5 Acre Feet. « 11.22 o.f.s.
If no works had been constructed at outlet of lake the
flow out of the lake would be reduced by the daily evaporation off
the surface of the lake, which amounts to five acre feet per day,
or 2.5 o.f.s.
. fhis would make the quantity of water available for
prior licensees 11.2 - 2..5 = 8.7 c.f^s.
Their total quantity being reduced by 5 2 80 | 400 ac.ft.
which would leave a net amount coming to them from the reservoir of
I38O ac. ft.
If the evaporation losses be divided proportionally
between the prior licensees and the Company users then the prior
licensees would have to carry 1/3 the evaporation loss or 0.9 o.f.s.
Leaving a gross flow at Eldorado Ranch intake of 11.2 - 0.9 - 10.3 o.f.s.
or assuming that the prior licensees were entitled to a gross flow
past Eldorado Ranch intake of 12.0 c.f.s, their net flow would be 11.0 c.f.s.
Water stored in Reservoir  4600 aore feet
Less claimed by prior licensees
assuming that they stand 1/3 the
evaporation losses   1647 H   n
Balance available to Company users        2953 Acre feet
Less 2/3 of evaporation loss    267 n        *
2686 1   »
Less 20% loss in transit   .537 n *
2149 w   i
Which represents the net balance available
for 2000 acres or        1.07 ac.ft. per acre
To which add already delivered at rate of
' 1.25 acre feet in the season/r^*».<<t^^.^     «#▼*£ " n  £  I
« 1»49 ao. ft. per acre &**
Page (2)
Present operating capacity of main pipe  = 18 c.f.s.
or 36 acre feet per day « 2880 acre feet
(J in 80 days, balance of irrigation season
J V*\  Deducting 20°/. of 2880     576 "    w
s. $ ll Leaves a net balance o€ 2000 acres m/  ^_
* I H or                           ? B5  2304 »
v .§  £ an average of  1.15 acre f««t per acre
* ft ^ To  *i6h add already received       0*31    "    «  w  »
^ 4 m 	
* .   t4   Making total quantity per acre
«   X ^ck. (available  for users      l>^f? acre feet per acre.
J>  SL \n   *   —
^6 • ' ^ ^s ^e ne,t ©stiniated quantity available at  "the
^ ,V   ^^ntake of Company's pipe is         2686 acre feet
'C   0 ^ [I   and ^e present operating capacity of
P * a "   the main pipe Is 18 c.f.s.  or 2880 *        »
^ {^ m I
\ 0   s$   or only I94 acre feet in excess of the estimated available supply
V   ^ t which does not t&to into account any How into   the lake.     It is
^ £m   Imperative that the Company operate their main pipe  to   fall
tf « {$    capacity, viz?  20 c.f.s,  which would increase  the net capacity
Jvc^   by 256 acre feet,  or by 0.128 aore feet per acre, which would be
(| to.       equivalent to one irrigation for 2000 acres at rate of 2 acre  feet
in the Season.
fhe pipe  should be  of sufficient capacity to  take care
of any excess over the above estimated available  supply,  which
might be caused by rains above  the reservoir,   or present creek
flow into  the lake,  of which no account has been taken.
Also  the above  estimates assume that the prior licensees
would get their full allowance  of water to  the 3lst August,
which would be  from six weeks to  two months after   the natural
flow^of the stream had fallen to a negligable  quantity.
& <&ct & orx    of1   / 2.0 ~3Z>crys.
Memorandum re quantity of water that can be  supplied
through the Okanagan Centre Irrigation and Power Company's main pipe.
Area to be Irrigated 2000 acres Acre feet.
Present operating capacity of pipe 18 c.f.s which
represents a flow in 120 days of 	
from which deduct for loss through leakage £0%
Net quantity available for irrigation	
Mean quantity per acre I.78 ac. ft.
If pipe be operated to capacity of 20 c.f.s, the
discharge in 120 days would be	
Less 20 %  for loss	
Net quantity available for irrigation  3840Ae. Ft.
Mean quantity per acre        I.92 ac.   ft.
► ft
it *age (3)
If system be operated till the 30th of
September the discharge will be increased by    ^S9fi a8* £*•
Making a net increase of       960 Ac. ft.
and a total net discharge of 4800 Ac. ft.
or sufficient to supply 2.4 acre feet per
acre for 200Q acres.
If prior rights cease on the 31st July except as to
3 c.f.swhich is assumed to be the natural flew of the creek at such
date,there will be made available an additional 11-3 « 3 c.f.s.=16
acre feet per day fer thirty days,or 330 ac.ft. gross at intake of
Company pipe,which would bring the gross available supply at pipe
intake t® 2686 * 380 * 3066 acre feet
Less 20 %  less     = 613 ,f   "
Leaving 2463 «   w  net available for delivery en
the lands
Or for 2000acres     1.226 *J*  " per acre
Pluss already received 0.310 «
Making a possibM    1.546   ac.ft.per acre
total of
Capacity of main pipe if operated to full capacity of
20 c.s.er 40 ac.ft.per day for 80 days « 32OO acre feet
Estimated gross available supply at
pipe intake 3066 *    |
Excess capacity of pipe over
estimated gross supply 134 w    ■
If pipe be operated under full head fer balance of season
iti net capacity will be 2560 acre feet
Or 1,28  •   " per acre
Pluss already received ,51  ?   M  •  *
Making a tetal possible quantity ©f    1.59  »   I  «"
fer the season.


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