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Information gathered by J. Seaton from D. K. Penfold at an interview, March 6, 1946 [unknown] Mar 6, 1946

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Some information gathered by the Chairman* Mr* J. Seaton,  and the
Secretary from Mr* D. K. Penfold District Engineer at an interview
on MARCH 6, 1946* re* the domestic water situation.
Most of this information wee received in answer tc definite questions, but some
wae volunteered*
The Irrigation Co* has a Final Licence (Mo* 11414) to delirer 50,000 gals*
ef domestic water per day*    This licence supercedes Conditional Licence No* 8456
dated 1907 which called for 100,000 gals*
This water is not accnraalative i*e* if only 30,000 ie delirer ed one day the
next day is still limited to 50,000 and net 70,000*
This amount of water wee arrived at by Victoria,  and wee based on a list of
142 connections compiled by the late Mr* G* D. Marshall (March 1941)    Mr, Penfold
suggested 500 gals* per day per connection* This would here meant a total of
71,000 but the later Comptroller set the figure at 50,000*
ALSO only the number of connections on each property at the time of the granting of the Final Licence (1941)  are entitled to domestic water*
The Dist* can refuse more domestic connections on the ground that the Co* are
to-day exceeding their licence for 50,000 gals*
If the Co. dispute this it will be up to them to prore that they are not
by building a weir to measure the water going into the pipe*
If the Co* apply for e bigger domestic licence it is up tc the Dist. whether
they agree or not - the water belongs to the Dist*
THIS MEANS that at the present tins that eren more connections on grade "A" land
can be refused - unless the District agrees*
The District can tax all domestic users eren though the connection is on grade
m   *BW land.
The Distriot can charge a set sum for allowing a connection to be made i*e* a.
newcomer should pay his share of the cost of the system*
If water is giren to more "B" land in the CentreT the same would necessarily
hare to be done in Winf ield* *
This information has been sent to all the Trustees so that some consideration
could be giren the subject in preparation for the next meeting.
The Chairman is of the opinion that the above information shows that the Trustees
here practically unlimited power in the matter of granting domestic water rights,
but that seme definite policy must be arrived at*
Xf domestic water is granted to any individual he is automatically entitled to
irrigate % acre*


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