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Indenture between Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District and Leasee of Lot 3998 on Bever Lake,… [unknown] May 1, 1935

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INDENTURE        made  the First day of
May .....*,
> «. One thousand nine hundred and thirty-
In pursuance of the "Short Eorm of Leases Act"   /
a corporation formed under the provisions of tlie
"Water Act" having its office at Winfield, British
Columbia, hereinafter called the "Lessor"
of the One Part.
hereinafter called the
of the Other Part.
British Columbia,
WITNESSETH that in consideration of the rents, covenants and
conditions hereinafter respectively reserved and contained the
Lessor doth demise- and lease unto the Lessee ALL AND SINGULAR
a parcel of land rectangular in shape having a frontage of approximately seventy five (75) feet on Beaver Lake and a depth
from front to rear of Two hundred and twenty five (225) feet
and designated as Camping Lot Number..
being portion of District Lot Three thousand nine hundred and
ninety eight (3998) held by the Lessor under lease from the
Provincial Government of British Columbia
Together with all buildings standing and being or which shall
hereafter be erected thereon,
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the Lessee for the term of
One year to be computed from the 1st day of May 195
yielding and paying to the Lessor the clear yearly rental or
sum of Seven Dollars and fifty cents ($>7»50) and a further sum
of Two Dollars ($£#00) for each and every boat, canoe or vessel
to be kept on or used in connection with the said lands, payable
in advance on the. signing of this lease.
THS LESSEE covenants to pay rent, AND will not c§rry on any
business 'which .shall be deemed a nuisance on the said premises
or any commercial enterprise or operation for- profit.
AND will not assign or sublet without, leave, AND will not cut
down timber without leave.
THE LESSEE may erect or have on the said premises only one cabin,
hut, tent or other structure for the purpose of living in and
shall maintain in connection therewith on the said premises a
proper toilet or dry closet at least two hundred feet from the
water edge.  The Lessee will at all times during the term hereof
keep  the said premises in clean and sanitary condition, make
proper provision for the. disposal of all tins and rubbish and
allow no refuse, or rubbish of any kind to accumulate on the said
premises or in the lake waters adjoining the same and will not
dump any tins, refuse or rubbish in the lake and will not do of permit
anything which, might constitute a fire hazard and properly protect
all fires and keep  all chimneys, flues and pipes in good and safe
THE LESSEE covenants and agrees that a right of way twenty feet
(20) wide will- at all times be left clear from the edge of the
waters of the lake to which the Lessor, its servants and agents
and the general public shall have access for the purpose of -£~
coming and going to any place they may wish■to go but not for
the purpose of camping or loitering thereon. And it is agreed
that this provision shall not be construed to give to the
Lessor or the public generally the right to land a boat on the
said premises except in case of danger or necessity or at the
invitation of the Lessee.
THE LESSEE covenants to do all such things and to conform to
all such regulations as m&y from time to time be required or
made by the Medical Health Officer.
THE LESSEE shall be at liberty within six months after the
termination of this lease, but not later, to remove from the
said premises any hut, tent or structure heretofore or hereafter
erected by the Lessee and if not removed within the time aforesaid the same shall become the absolute property of the Lessor.
In the event of the assignment of this lease by the lessee with .
the consent of the Lessor the lessee may also assign the right
and interest of the lessee in any such hut, tent or structure.
THE LESSOR undertakes no responsibility for the construction or
maintenance of any road or trail giving access to the said premises, nor for damage resulting from fires^ floods, high water
or any other cause.
THE LESSOR reserves the right to itself, its servants and agents
at all reasonable times to enter upon the said premises and
every part thereof for the purpose of ascertaining that the
covenants and provisions hereof are being duly observed and
THE LESSOR covenants with the Lessee for quiet enjoyment.
PROVISO for re-entry by the Lessor on non-payment of the rent
whether lawfully demanded or not or on non-performance of the
THESE PRESENTS shall be binding upon the Lessee and the Executors, administrators and permitted assigns of the Lessee.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set their
hands and seats tlie day and year first herein written
in the presence of


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