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Minutes of meeting of the Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, June 6, 1945 Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Jun 6, 1945

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 J&J.S?. £oi.3P
R   R. NO. 1..
Smites of the annual meeting of the winfield k Okanagan Centre Irrigation
District held in fist tin field Hall em Wednesday. June 6/45*
the moot frig cm* called to mates? et 7.45 p.m. There mam 57 present*
laorig) by M* C. Huyens.   That j* i« Seaton be Chairman
%mm by S* OOPELIdsV
smmpm by F* CQCSVAHIS: That nominations bo closed*   QABKHP
W3fm by H* AsEIOXD : Hast 3* Land he secretary
irnm by a* siffl
S^CC^pa by B* MOODY: $hat nominations he closed * C.r;HRiay
Hal minutes of the last annual meet lag were re ad and It mem
Mora by c* roam
Si£0t%)i3) by E* 0* WHUSi Hast the minutom of tho annual meeting dated
jQ) Friday, April 14/44 ho adopted.   &mim
C. Draper asked what had been done re. payment of
the Conservation Fund loan*
Tto Chairman reported that the Trustees had had ■actings with the Prime
Minister of B* C, the Minister of Lands, k the later Comptroller, hot that
nothing definite was settled yet*
the Chalnaam. worn asked If hm had found out the cost off replacing the
present Duck LdBC ftase with a concrete (me*   The Chairman esld that he had
not &m& em as it msm suite pemelhle that the District might met continue
Mile flume*
X* Goldie, at the Chairman's request, explained tto present method of
running k financing the flume. Be flnlahcJ by suggesting that the users em
the "flat* should eeam into the District*
F, W* Groves said that the trmstooo shoaiM look into this idea and then
present a report to the District*
The Amditce?** Beport ems them **$&* Che Chalrmmi pointed emt the highlight.
ef the financial stat nmewt, ami It wee
MPTBP by J* goldu
SWmiMD by S, smm&i That the Auditor** Bepemt k Financial Statement for
the year ending Mr* 15/dt he adopted•     curried
A* ^siitu presented k F*    ITU line seconded Hat following resolut ion: -
"That the Trustees when putting forward recommendation for any rcccm •
struct ion week have the cost of construction em hmmt to present to the
growers, k that the basic rate of taxation he ami at #1*10 pern acme unless a
change he authorised by growers at e public meet ing*
After some discussdon the motion mam defeated•
f* W. droves fssj & i1 sport cm the mew dsm at Beaver Lake.    He said that
the high cost had been unavoidable; mar conditlemm in general, shortage of
labour {even inefficient I ah cat) tto lateness of the saasem, emd the fact
that considerably more concrete mem meed, were the main factors In the price
More ecmerete hud to be used owing to tto extreme roughness te Mat bedrock*   |
He said that the condition of the dam wae very satisfactory* Therm
mem e little seepesje at the tee of the fill, but that in hie opinion this
was probably caused hy moisture that msm in the dirt whom the fill wee maim*
It was however possible that the water night ho coming through a crack in the
rock* but thai it mould definitely not endanger tto dam, I
He said that he considered the structure "wmtf sound*
The Ohalrmsm was asked why the lake had not Wen allowed to fill,
le replied That sir* Penfold, tim District Engineer, had given orders against
this action. <2*/3.S7.f. **--'&*
R.  R. NO. 1.
Hr* Tern letasrcm was asked if there mam ammo way to sump dirty water oat of
tho system* Se replied that eeme i&easures wcmli hm taken to Inapt ceo the
intake*   He hsd hoped that tto leim would hove hmam allowed to fill cm this
would have mated em a flood eemtrol, but this hsd not hoem allowed*
A* Smith then ejsdd that he wished to suggest that the Irrigation Co.
kept e repair mam em the Winfield sldm of the system,    Wham tho pipeline
blew out em the evening of may Sdth* IMS, it wae It hre* before the Co.
became aware of the fact•
is?* fern Aehmrem said that, in. his opinion, this would not make any
difference to the mount of damage icme*     The washout hod occurred issssd*
lately the blow took place*
Hr* Smith didn't agree with this*
s. 0* Jones stated that it mme the baekw&ah that canoed the damage, * met
the water still flowing free* the feed emd of tto pipe*
Mr* Smith fpiestioned this alum*     Be then asked whether It warn possible
im the efecadt of a blowout, fern Winfield to got domestic wmtoi' from the ree- .
ervoir that serves Okanogan Centre*
sa% oroves smld it would he possible hy puling, mat that It would he
a ocbjparatively single job to increase the slue of the reservoir 3 or 4       .
times*   Be suggested that the Trustees investigate this matter.
Vto* Van Aekeren said that unlearn Winfleld mam prepared to take irrigation meter em Sunisssj he could see. mm advantage im Increasing the reservoir*
mrm by C.Baum
smom&B by W* BHODIl ; Theft the Trustees remner&tlen for the 1945 year
be #s*0Q (two dcllsmm) pmv meet tug ■
The Chairman called far nominations for candidates far Trustees, there being
two vacancies*
*** Coldie mam nominated by 3* Ocpelsmd
J* 1* Seated mem nominated by £• 0* Nuyens
A* Smith was nominated 'but declined*
mtm by Qm-mm&m
SECOMDm by 0. XtfttftgR: That nominatlone be clcmad.     OAaRliSD
The Chairman declared J* Goldie & J. ,£, Seaton elected,
ioted by &*a?iOT
SIOOHMS hjr 3* OOPKMW t That 1* 0. Rutherford he chosen em auditor for
the yemr ending Har* 10/46*
L* Constable gave e report of a wsmtlug between repesentives of thm
Trusteee mad the fisheries Bept* The maetliig showed mo emthuslemm at the
idea of donating to the meet of replacing the hatcheries at Bmmwmx Lake*
mim B¥ a. sum
0^omdk0 br m a. mm* That this meal lag adjourn,      cahrisp
C Time 9*45 p.m.  )
Secretary Chairman.


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