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The Water Act, September 2, 1927 Lane, J. E.; MacDonald, J. C Sep 2, 1927

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 <3o/3.S7. 7.03.-2Q
fZ     lt*t* File No.42136
THE WATER ACT      sQtl.n 810
-L^*.*vt^0fv.?f ^« •*»Pl*i»t ©f V.Ri.Moi)onagh and E.O.Mail., to the .ffe.t
among ott^r,things that th. toll, chargable under th. water Agreements en?er*
int. with tti* Okanagan Gontre Irrigation and Power Company .Lifted and th.
M 1\Sj^^|^t^n^%1iBf^^ny!ie»oe«*lfeat3»» ^S%flMW'S%i5;&at th.
unreasonably ^atK^tfOtoo edi rftflw tmiU^oi botioq htm  srfl *m-i?J& ^WtW™ «"•
upqji-t^e^a^O^e ^pn^jmd *qt^lp.in« ms& v^JOtf^e^liStf rf^fe 2^0P% £,W .cun..l
||f S^fff^frr^f «H»*r. H.V.Oi^¥§fl$*M**f&-»W^
U    *hat in lieu of ^m^}tekkm^*yB.pm W4^lilF%di^ under
the water agreements entered into by it and the tells demanded by the said
company th© foli^dn&ijt^lana^ ##^19*7.
Irrigation lollai- ^5nPS       T|
(aJ A teufftt tjmmfMMoot W^^dcilalri «nd aixty cants an acre payable In
resp&et cf all land irrigated during the irrigation season cf lop7 with
water deliy^r^J*y X^umpBMf ufonUhe application of the person lawfully
occupying the land so  irrigated  (which person is hereinafter referred tc      e
as the "water user*).
(b) A tell at the rate of three dollars an acre-foot for all water delivered
during the irrigation season 1987 by the cofij^n££up8ft HPipiffeltlon of thi
water user in excess, of the quantity representing one acre feet for each
acre of the land for which the water user applied tc the company for water
to be delivered* 1
pcmestlo Tolls,-
(g) A toll ot .Mkm two dollars a moiith In respect of each dwelling house
to which wa$er is delivered under pressure for domestic use.
(d) A toll of one dollar a month payable in respect of each barn to which
water is delivered under pressure for stock watering*
(e) A toll of one dollar a »oftth payable In respect cf each parcel of lend
on which there is a house oi bam or both to which water for domestic use
or stock watering or both IB delivered in open ditch or flume.
(f) A toll cf five cents petf month per hundred square feet cf area of
every lawn and garden In reapeot of which the water uaer applies for water
under pressure for sprinkling Jurpeses.
2. That the irrigation tolls/* /chargable under clause 1 shall be due and payable
without deduction on the thirtieth day of September 1927 and on the first day
of October 1927 the Oompany shall be entitled tc add te eve**y sum of money
payable in respect of the said irrigation tolls which remains unpaid on the said
first day of October an amount equal  to ten per centum of the sum so remaining
5*    That the domestic tolls chargable under clause 1., shall be subject to a
discount of ten percentum if paid quarterly Cn or before the twentieth day ef
the first month of the quarter for which the water is to be delivers**
4.     All monies received hy the  company en account of  irrigation and domestic
water whether for the current year or previous years shaljrbsfexfewi4fd in 494 e
maintenance operation and repair of the water ay stem {operated b^the company
and In the replacement ae such becomes necessary of ttee various works comprising
the eaid water system except  that a sum not exceeding ten hundred and eighty
dollars may be used by  the company annually to pay lMerest en the monies  ,
borrowed by the company for the construction of the Beaver Lake-ljam and except
that monies may be expended on new works which are ngfr of the n&feurer-c"
replacements if the  same are approved in writing by the Board of-I nvjea t ig&tj on.
3. fhe Company  shall ktfep and produce for inspection at any  tiwir by "the Board
complete records,  statements,  time books,  invoices,  receipts,  bank bocks and
Other documents shewing in detail all receipts and expenditures of monies by
the company during the twelve months ending April 30th 1928,   segregating the
receipts for telle topflndicate for what years all amounts cf tolls are paid
(over) p
n ell%
1  f\
is a 119 ©if*  oJ'   ,sl.L»M«Q,a Jbrta riganodoM^S.V lo irtislqiaso *tf£ to n»»M erf* nl
Meine a^nessoeig* i.^aw oxli "isbruj .Id.jyk.xi. aXloi edi Sadi agaM* iiiiSo gnoas
hoa :0d:iiasiiiil ertJ-fisO a.$.aa<0 *tf$ ifflw oinl
^fs«*i*#rt«rtJWW««8,arf#f^bidtdt6*4f^fi fl£Xl
r- e9MVW4^*Ji*4**«UC*£a*M t*pl*|«eri^s -6* W«
together with th. c©^!%f#re©J£. ?I*&J »**«™a
~"piTA^ir..,.3vai to QHixoa aHt aflo^ua
o grog aflAoa anx
^/A^.^i^ ^:<Bap4BiEfe4oJi^l^ lo x/sll 53 5*35    TT
id£ Yd te&i&peJ&L allo-t ed£ bn* -tl  vd cirri beiefne eJnemeeige isisw edi
.TSOI^i^f Ife WB%^fci^^ sd*  Xftaqflioe
-.aXXoT no jet&s l*ril
8q stea as s.tnee   ztxln bris Hai&mbhsmJtff 1$Qhihftm^X *** XXoi A (a)
3X lo nceaes aoXJaslni  edi xniiub befa%tiil bnal XXs lo So maoi
»s*xeq ed* le noiJAoXXqq.* edJ««o#* ttaci/onald'jfr  %SetebWI"1Xsb ******
rtesieq doldw) be*a$l*rii os bfisX Bdi &rc4^ii/ooo
.("•xeex/ isJaw" edJ as
ice ns siaXXoa setd* lo eJei ed$ && Hot A (d)
XlliftBMl rtoai
ot be*ncle*x
Lqqa is air
X^vJiaC   do .so
cjasnon iai eiuaae*
lo Joeqaei nl elds
*pMiMf tfooje i<
lo £oeqaei ni  eldJ
dJod -
nl bel
ku/d i«
afiDw Slit)
vd V$CX floeaec no xdekginrxx  eili sniim>
^£X*h«urp ed* lo eseoxe nl issjj is Jaw
let** edt doJtdw iol bnaX Bdt lo eioa
ili:JF? *heieviXeb ed oJ
-isXXoT olfreeinoq
firiom- a eisXXob #w# aMt S» XioJ A (o)
jjKchm; beiovXXeb ax ie$«w doldw a J"
X&q dirioox £ taXlob enc lo XXo* A (b)
>1 3333 eve;  lebau be*xevJtXeb si le'^aw
e,.nev rf.triorii a osXXob erro lo  Hot A (e)
o rri&d *to eauod a el ei9d.fr doldw no
jayileb ll  rfiod *io ^rciieisw iCoo^s 10
q riinoni \teq ai.ieo evil lo  XXo*  A (1)
lo ^oeqsen. nt neb*tA% bns rtweX ^*tsv^
gnlXiCnJh.qs id en/sseiq *x@bau
Ulo.t notSBM*Vnl edi ^sdT #3
xld^ edS no aolJ'oabsb ^i/odiiw
i 311,33333 edfr TtSI isdo^oO lo
tua edS lo ^oeqae*x nl elonxaa
txiom^ sib i^doioO lo x**b cTa-ili
> sXXoi oliseisob edl ^sdf     .S
11 mufrnso^sq cteS lo ct'miooelb
»iisyp edS lo dlnom ietll sd^
it x4^Mb^I$ob% mBlnorn XXA .«^
^neiairo ed^ iol icd^Cdw ie^*3w
je*i bas aoltJsteqo eonansinliim
>jj6 s« J'nsmsoBXqei ertt rtl bns
i;.j393 me^a^ isiaw bias edfr
ee edi %d beau ed |s^ siaXXob
t icl vrt„33^o  sxifr t^ bewotlod
> bsbnsqxe sd \;£IS eelnom iadt
©ia eaiaa edi 11 s^neflteoaXqet
tu qeSM Ilnna ^naqmoO edf .E
ts^nemeiA$^@ tabiooei e^eXqmoc
lb nt %cii*ied& eSaemL'OQb tedic
BvLeBt edt £ttliub ^nsqmca edi


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