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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, March… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Mar 30, 1931

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 Bote© of intervir^v between th© Trustees ©f tlQv/infiald and
Okanagan Centra -L/rlgation Dlatrlet, and Mr* V* D* Marshall,
Onager of th© Okanagan Centre irrigation and power Company,
hold in the Company1© off la© at Okanagan Centre, Monday evening
! arch >oth t?5.t.
present - Tzaot©©© S©aton9 Goldie, Gray, McDonald and Head *
and Mr. Marshall*
It Baj&ma: JMfW  EUB - The Trust©©© suggested tha possibility of
y*^ the District borrowing fund© from th©
\J Conservation Fnnd to increase the height of the Beaver lake
Dam, the Company to have full control of th© operation of th©©©
work©, but in th© ©vent ©f the District taking over th© ©y©t©m
in th© future, du© allowance to be made for this investment
in arriving at the amount which the District might pay the
Company* This proposal apparently ©at with Mr* Marshall's approval,
le Mp-Vf*BB    - Mr* Marshall ©ugg©at©d that it would do©lrabl©
for the District to ro-imburse tha Company for
their expenditure on th© By-Pass. The Trust©©© pointed out that
they were proparad to oonaldar any reaa nable proposition on
this matter, but owing to th© wide divergence between the amount
which they had considered adequate to provide this facility and
the amount actually expanded by th© Company, it was difficult
to arrive at a figure agr©©abl© to both parties. The Trustee©
also pointed out that aa tha Company collected revenue from tha
^       delivery of the quantity of water which was saved by the
\j operation of th© By-Pass (©©tlmat©d ai at least 600 Aero Feet)
this revenue should be taken into account in arriving at any
amount which the District ©heuld contribute toward© the Capital
cost of the work©*  The Trust©©© a©k©d Mr. Mar«hall to communicate
with Mr* warr©n on thl© ©ablest and to ask him to put a definite
figure on what h© con©ld©red the District should contribute,
taking due account of the point© mentioned*
So ru&piiyr for Duck Crack'.Booords -  Thii matter was di«©u©©©d
at longth, and it was
agreed that full investigation should b© made of tha possibility
of supplying thee© records in thl© manner. Th© Trustees
again laid stress on the fact that a© th© Company would collect
revenue from any water ©o saved, that they should ©ontrlbute
at least a proportion of tho ©est of ©fuipment and operation*
The mooting th©n adjourned*


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