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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, September… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Sep 19, 1930

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 al*/3.S?.% •-*'*&
Minute© ©f meeting of Q Board of Trusts©© of the ( )nfield and
Okanagan Centre Irrigation Company, held at the residence of
Hfir. J* * Seaton, Monday, September 19th 10fi at $ ©folock p*M*
present, M©&&rs. S©aton, Aberdeen, Goldie, McDonald, and V©nable©.
||r\       I* C. Mall© acted a© Secretary by request.
Th© Minute© of the meeting of September 18th wore read, and it waa
Moved by Mr* Vembles,
Q  Seconded by Mr* Goldie, That these minute© be adopted a© read.
Carried.   ppl
Mr* 8©aten reported that he and Mr* Goldie had interviewed Mr* ]|i
Howard of th© frusta and Guarantee Company and while the
conversation wa© informal, a© a result it was felt justifiable to
have Mr. Grove© make a preliminary survey cf the feasibility of
increasing the dam at leaver Lake* Mr. Grove© report had been
read to the General Meeting of September 22nd.
Mr. J* H* Aberdeen wa© del ©gated to interview the Manager of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce a© to th© possibility of the Bank
advancing the necessary money to pro©ted with th© work at Boaver
take in the ev©nt of the Governs© nt Commissioner not recommending
a loan from the Coao©rvutl©m Fund;  if the Bank would advance th©
mon©y under the©© condition© the plan would be to retire the loan
by a tax levy in probably two year©.
A  discussion a© to what attitude the Trusts©© should take in the
©vent of the Irrigation Company ©ndeavoring to colleot from th©
Gr©w©r© th© cost of the By-pa©© construe tod thl© past summer to
©envoy water to Duck Creek* It wa© pointed out that the Trust©©©
when they were considering th© construction ©f ©uoh a By-pass had
in mind a temporary structure estimated to cost about $2500*
whexea© the Company had built a permanent work, at cost supposed
to b© in the neighborhood of $10,000* without in any way
consulting the Trusteta or the water User©. It wa© also mentioned
that th© construction of the By-Pa©© enabled th© Company to
collect toll© ©a th© quantity of water which wa© saved by this
work (estimated at 500 acre feat making a rer^nno  of $1800.) and
had the U&er©, through th© District, constructed the work, they
would have expected this revenue to be taken into account In
the rate© they ©hould pay the company for conveying water* The
reeling of the Trustees wa© that they should assume no liability
for work© of the nature constructed by the Company, and that it
is, In any event, doubtful if the Tru©tee© would have power t©
bind the individual uoera on a question of thi© kind*
Mr* Se ton ©ugge©t#d that in the exp©©ted conference next month
with Mr* Warren and the Comptroller, It would be well if one of
the Trustees should act a© spokesman, and proposed that Mr. Gold!©
act in this capacity*
Mr* Goldlo wa© delegated to interview Mr* De Wolff a© to tho
forthcoming confereno©"with Mr* warren and the Comptroller,
particularly in tlif mat tor of the dam at Beav©r Lake*
The Trust©©© discussed- the method to b© followed in the event
of proceeding with the dam at Beaver lake,i.e. whether to call
for tenders or to aaa appoint a superintendent and do the work
without a contract; no action was taken on thi© ©ubjset, pending
the result of the conference with the Company official©. The
oubjeot of paying A. Clark for th© use of the road to Beaver Lak©
wa© also considered, and the Trustee© expressed their willingness
make a reasonable arrangement with Mr.Clark without prejudice
to their legal right©* Trustee©, 3ept*29th Q)0    (2) • >-s
Th© Secretary submitted a copy of the complaint of Mr. A.
Boa©ley in the matter of the nation of th© District Engineer
falling to sake and enforce order© which would ensure the
complainant receiving the water te whioh h© contend© he is     lilrllP
entitled during 1929* Advice ha© been received that the       |C*$
Water Board will hear thl© complaint at Victoria, October
14th 1950*  Th© Secretary wa© instructed to submit a written
(~^) statement of the Trustees view© on th© complaint to the
Comptroller, a© it wa© not considered sspedient te be represented'
at th© te aring* • Jiff \ j
Th© Secretary waa instructed t© mall th© Aaa©&sment notice©
for the first A©©ea©ment RMJL, forthwith.
It was moved by Mr* McDonald,
Seconded by -Mr* Aberdeen., ^pU
That Trust©©© J. E. Se ton, Jam©© Goldie and
0. R* Venablee be appointed the Court of       ■ neeee,;
Revlalon to consider appftol© from th© Assessment
K©11 a© issued, and that the ©aid Court of
B©vl©ion ©hall be held in the winfield
Community Hall, on Friday, lovomber 9th 1950
at 10 o'clock A* M* %'&'&£
Q Carriod* *M?^t
Mr* F* 0* McDonald submitted his resignation aa Secretary
■ to tho Trustee© and AOOO©©er, and. it wa© J > '•••••-.;.
Moved by Mr* Venablea,
Seo©ndad by Mr. Aberdeen, ;^|
jaH That the r©©ignatl©m of Mr. F* 0. MOBOaald
from the position© of Secretary to the Trust©©©
and A©a©0©or, be accepted a© from Sopt©aber     fjgstl
50th, and that the Trustees wish to .express
.their appreciation of the loyal and efficient    ||||
service© rendered by Mr* McDonald. ; -j ;■.':■-.
Carried.      IRi^'T' S
Moved by Mr. Aberdeen,
Second©© by Mr. Goldie,
ie>t e   p That B. C. Mails, of Winf laid, be appointed      •. •. |
Secretary to th© fro&tee©, at th© pleasure of
the Trusts©© j and that he be paid at the rat©
of $12*50 per month commencing October 1©t
and further- that befor© being' dismissed fxmm
by tho trustee© he ©hall be entitled to two
weeks notice of the Trust©©© intention to       ..'.•'•■••-• "|
dloaiss him, or of dismissed without ©uoh     ^£;/|fc
notlo© he shall be entitled to two weak© salary , III
in lieu of such notice* l%l|&Ji
Moved by Mr. Aberdeen.
Seconded by Mr. Venablas,
Th-t, subject to the approval of th© Minister,
E* C* Ifall© be appointed A^seaaor for the District
|1||| Carrl©d*      mm     '  •' '
The Mooting then adjournod*. "e.,|
Approved 1950 ne • |
•Chairman • . Secretary    ;'. ■'' ., j


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