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Minutes of the annual meeting of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, May 14, 1943 Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District May 14, 1943

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9| o2 b? 3.S7.9.o±.Q&
The annual meeting ef the winfield * Qbsmajsa lemtti irrigation District
waa held la the winfield Sell cm ftrlday* May ftfl/fl
41 assist! wen present
the moetln waa called tc order at ***• t*m*
Mffnsp hy i* Drsfey that J*i*scatcm he Ihalimaa
|§| by 2»*amith that aomlnaticna ai eloaed*       CjMUtlftP
~ by 1* Me»er that s* J* Lead he secretary
by U smith that nominations ha alaaei*    frUftlEp
The minutes ef the ansae! meeting ef ApU 10/dSKwerc read and it was
HOyso hy f* $* JssDcna^i
O secondwjl by 1* lepeleml • That the minutes hi adopted aa read.   OARiUJD
iirising leam thl minutes 1* Draper asked what mas being dome re* paying
eff the Conservation fund Ham* The Chairman msplslsed that at present the
payments were being withheld aa the District was negotiating with the 1*JU
Valley Irrigation Ge* ae te the future ef the system*
The aaditeae Report 1 xftnoiioial Statement ware then real emt II Ml
j/SM ** m ^oidie
mm hy f ♦ Tcdd 1 That thl Auditors Hepcrt k financial statenamt for
tho year ending March 15/43 he adopted* GfllllLZ)
the rbailwam jcpected thai the O.K.Valley Irrigation Ca* hsd applied ta the
TJtliitica Boerd tea em increase im their rates ef # 8*00 per acre feat*
St aaa decided mat ta diaeuee thle matter until the District heard
The utilities Board*
tmMD by V* 1*
amamm by s* leiiUsi • That the fruateea rcmaneraticm ha the Met
last year «* # S*0D par maatlaii       gff^|||
It aaa decide! Mm Hart the irrigaticm eeasom cm Meads?, ^ay 17/43*
several ULnBB would have
X* Im   eterea* the Co* manager* eald thai ecveral lines would have ta be
she* eff far a day er twa as owing to the lata iillmj cf pipe seme lew
pairs mere incomplete*
The Chairman then called for nominations for a licmlca aa 0* fallow* s
team hat expired*
1* iimro nemiaatod   1* harry
mtm by F* Williams
SECCRD^D by *r*«*ArmeU * That aomlnaticna he closed*   O/RRIKD
1* Berry «ee declared dieted aa Trustee*
by   f* Constable
by   L. Smith •>   Resolved thai further transfer of water rights ha
. except by aemsent ef a general meeting ef the ratepayara* CARRIED
hy   L* Smith | Thst thla meet lag/ ad j curned
iturn   1*11 p*a. )
HI* *»****•***«•*•*••*•******* Ihelrman*


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