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Letter from Pumps and Power Limited to "Sirs", January 2, 1931 Pumps and Power Limited Jan 2, 1931

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40 Cordova Street East,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Jan* 2nd* 1931*
lest Canadian Hydro Electric Co* Ltd.,
Dear sirs:~     ATTENTION:   Mr* H*C*H. Verrall.
In answer to your enquiry for motor driven pumping
equipment* we are pleased to submit data and prices for
the following conditions, namely:
Elevation, 405' and 4J0* respectively! distances,
3900' and 4200* respectively; quantity of water required per
season, 120 days, 400 acre feet*
This requires a pump with a capacity of 3»3 acre ft* per
day of 24 hours, or approximately 735 tf#S# g*p*m*
In order to keep friction losses down to a minimum, we
would recommend the use of 10* pipe, but are quoting alternatively
on a pumping plant which will deliver water to the higher heal s
if 8* pipe is installed.
For your infoimation would say that the friction losses! n
a 8* iR5od pipe line, 3900* long, when pumping 755 ^.S*  g#P**i., would
be approximately 47ff and in a 10* wood pipe line, under the same
conditions, approximately 18**  The friction losses in a 8* wood
pipe line, 4200* long, when pumping 755 U*S* g*p*m* would be
approximately 50*, and in a 10* wood pipe line, under the same
conditions, approximately 19**
On the 405* elevation, using 8* and 10* pipe, the respective
total heads would be 452* and 423*f  The respective B*H*P* requirements would be 122 and 114*
see foot note.
The coit per acre ft* with current at %4  pe? killowatt hr«,
less 10$ discount* would be $9*70 and |8*98 respectively.
We are figuring a 90$ motor eficiency and a 70$ pump,
efficiency, but have not taken into account power factor, which
should be very good, since the motor would be almost fully loaded.
On the 430t elevation, using 8* and 10* pipe, the respective total
head s would be 480' and 449%  B*H*P* 130 and 121* Cost per acre
ft* |10.24 and $9.54 respectively* West Canadian Hydro Electric Co. Ltd* Ja&« 2* 1931.
When pumping through the 8* pipe line we would be compelled
to use a 150 H.P* motor, which would not improve the power factor.
1# wish to offer you for this service*
1 - 5* PuMPS AND POWER Type "HS% a-Stage Centrifugal Pump*
fitted with bronze enclosed impeller and ball bearings, capacity
755 6«P»bu for above head conditions, 6* suction, 5" discharge
connections; mounted on extended cost iron base and direct connected
through flexible coupling to 125 H*P*, 1800 RPM., 2200 Vbfct, 60
Cycle, 3 Phase, Westinghouse Induction Motor, with standard Manual
1 9 Standard set of suction and discharge fitttings, including
foot vatve, gate valve, check valve, elbow, reducers, bypass and pressure
gauge, also 20' of suction pipe in lengths (two lengths).
Price, complete, fob* Vancouver, $2375«00
Shipping weight, 78OO lbs.
Extra for 150 H.P. Motor $140*00
We shall be pleased to co-operate with yon on this or any
other piimping proposition which you may come in contact with, and trust
that the information we have given you is what you require* If we can
furnish data, please let us know*
Wishing you the compliments of the season,  we are,
Yours very truly,
Sales Mgr.
WW   $35*00 per H.P*-less 10$ —  $31.50 i
122 x $31.50" *l349e ac. ft*  « $9.70 per ac. ft. )        To Elev# 40c,
114 x $31.50 «• $3591 -4- 400 ac. ft* « |8#98 per  )
$252. annual saving in power.      ac.ft.)
(130 H.P. x $31.50 equals $4095 divided by 400 « $10.24 per ac. ft.)
To Elev. (121 H.P. x $31.50 equals $3811.50 *  by 400 | $ 9.5* per ac. ft.)
430'   )


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