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Minutes of meeting of the Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, August 14,… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Aug 17, 1931

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q p.    <2o/3.S7.9.6*A*-Z
Minutes  of Meeting of tv#e Board of Trustees of theWlKFISLD    AHD
OXiMftAH    CEITEE    IRRIGATION    DISTRICT,  held at Mr.   Seaton's
residence at Winfield, Friday evening, August 14th 1981.
Present,   Trustee© - Seaton, McDonald,  8-ray,  Bead and Goldie.
Mr. McDonald acted as secretary in the absence of E.  C. Maile.
The Minutes of the meetings of June  28th,  July 8th and July Elst
were read and adopted.
Mr*,Seaton gave a  report  on the work dona at the  outlet of
"D" Lake etc.,  and it was
Moved by Mr.  Bead,
Seconded by Mr. Goldie,  That payment of the following accounts
in connection with work at "D*1 Lake etc.,  be
authorized -
A.  0. Brunette, Boat Hire, $ 5.00
Bonnet Hdwe.Co.     Supplies 13.95
D*  Edmunds,       Truck Hire E0.00
H*  Simpson,       Horse Hire 20.00
E.  Lawley,    Food      etc., 138.45
Morrison Hdwe.Co.  Tools etc.,      60*50
w I w 10.67
A,  P.   Clarke,    Boat hire, etc.    15*50
Vernon Hardware  Co. Powder, 18.25
Palace Meat Market, 8.70
J.  Goldie,       Meat  for camp,.    6.75 g
Wages as Pay Roll 799.22
less Board, 197,65 601*67
W* A*   Cameron,  Surveys 80.25
| 999.58""
Mr. Goldie gave a report on the activities of the Duck Creek Flume
Committee, on which he and Mr. Seaton represent the District;
copies of minutes of this committee filed herewith, cover this.
The matter of damage caused by felling trees at Mr. D* Clarkfs
property was discussed, at this matter left to the flume committee
to adjust.
The matter of asking, or accepting, any contribution from the
Countess Bubna towards the cost of the work recently done at "D"
Lake was disousse, and it was considered that it would not be
advisable to accept any contribution which might be used as an
argument in any possible conflict of rights between the district
and any other parjy. Mr. Read was deputed to discuss this matter
with either Mr. Horn or Mr. Norris.
The matter of A# P. Clark's application for lease of lands at
Beaver Lake was discussed, and the Secretary was instructed to
write to the Provincial Health Officer protesting the sanitary
conditions existing at Beaver Lakn and Crocked Lake, and asking
Sor an investigation by the Local Public Health Officer, Dr.OOtmar
with a view to correcting conditions and asking support of Dept.
in opposing the granting of any lease on lands at lakes.
The Secretary was also instructed to write to the Department of
Lands continuing the protest of the District against the granting
of loads to any parties; and asking that all access of the public
to the shores of the lakes be prohibited.  Copies of these
letters to be sent to the Hon* J. w* Jones.
The Secretary was instructed to write to Mr. Howard, of the
Trusts and Guarantee Company, intimating that the Trustees were
prepared to continue negotiations leading to the taking over of
the system, as suggested in Mr. Howard's interview this Spring,
but that such negotiations would be quite futile if he still
considered that price mentioned at that time (60$ of cost of system)
should be considered as a basis of negotiation. o
Trustees, August 14th Qsi (2)      O
Storage - A full discussion on the matter of further storage.
The Trustees agreed that the addition to the Beaver
Lake dam would be the most desirable solution, both from an
engineering and financial stanpoint, but in view of the apparent
impossibility of arriving at any arrangement with the Company
which would make this possible this year, it was decided to
proceed with the construction of a dam at the outlet of Crooked
Lake; This being considered a work which would ultimately be
undertaken in any case, and as the old cribbing which had been torn
out this season would have to be replaced in any event, it would
be advisable to proceed as far as possible this year,
The Secretary was instructed to apply for the remainder of the
Seven Thousand dollars appropriation from the Conservation Fund,
for use in constructing stotage on Crooked Lake, in accordance
with plans to be submitted to Mr. de Wolf.
Mr. Goldie was deputed to interview Mr. da Wolf and to ask his
sanction for the above work.
The Secretary was instructed to apply to the Water Comptroller
for authority to proceed with dam on Crooked Lake. It was
suggested that the Comptroller be apprised of the construction
of the flume now being built to supply the Duck Creek users,
and also of the fact that a certain amount of water had previously
been held in Crooked Lake by the cribbing which had been demolished
this year in order to drain water into Beaver Lake. Also that
it was proposed to construct works which could be added to later.
The Meeting then adjourned.
Approved, 1931
 Chairman Secretary
Minutes of Meeting of Trustees, held at Seaton Packing House
Monday, August 17th 1931 at 10 o'clock A.M.
Present - Messrs. Goldie, McDonald, Seaton and Read, and Secretary.
Mr. Marshall, of the Okanagan^Oentre Irrigation Co. was present.
In reply to enquiry, Mr. Marshall reiterated the refusal of the
Company to consent to any works on the present dam at Beaver Lake.
The Trustees suggested to Mr. Marshall the advisability of stopping
irrigation immediately, and conserving remaining water for a fall
irrigation. Mr. Marshall stated his determination to continue
delivery as long as supply lasted, and his opinion that there was
sufficient water for another week. The Trustees presented arguments
in favor of holding remaining water, without changing Mr. Marshall'e|
ideas on the matter. Mr. Marhhall then withdrew.
Mr. Galdie reported on his conversation with de Wolf, which would
indicate that money up to #20,000, can be obtained, which would
make possible the construction of the full dam at Crooked Lake.
It was decided to submit to Mr. de Wolf, Cameron's plans and
estimated cost of this work.
The Secretary was instructed to issue notices for a public meeting
for Friday eveingng, August 21st, to consider this matter.
Mr. Seaton undertook to interview Mr. Penfold on the storage luestiom.
I'lie Meeting then adjourned.
Approved 1931
Chairman Secretary


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