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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, September… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Sep 28, 1931

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J10/3.S?.?. 6 2-.\ZT-
Minutes of Meetin^3f the Board of Trustees oQthe winfleld
and okanagan Centre Irrigation District, held at the residence
of the Secretary at Winfield, Monday, September 28th 1931
at 8 o'clock P.M.
present; - Messrs. Goldie, Cray, Read and McDonald, and
the Secretary.
Moved by Mr. Goldie,
Seconded by Mr. 8ra£, That Mr. Read he appointed Chairman of
this meeting.
The Secretary submitted the minutes of Trustees meeting of
August 27th and ef September 1st, and It was
Moved by Mr. Goldie,
Seconded by Mr* Gray, That these minutes be adb pted as read,
The Secretary read a draft of By-Law No. 10, authorizing the
holding of a poll for the submission of By-law 11 .
It wap moved by Mr. Goldie,
Seconded by Mr. Gray, That By-law No. 10 be adopted and that
it constitutes an urgent matter and
be reconsidered, adopted and finally
passed at this meeting.
The Secretary submitted a draft of By-law No.11 , authorizing
the borrowing of a sum or sums not exceeding $7,0CC, for the
construction of works etc. The Secretary also read letter from
the water Board, authorizing the submission of this bylaw to
the electors of the Distriot.
Moved by Mr. McDonald,
Se ended by Mr* Gray, That Bylaw Ho. 11 , be read a first, secoid
and third time at this meeting.
(N.B* copies of bylaws filed with these minutes.)
The Secretary was instructed to prepare a voters1 list, and to
mail notices of poll to be held according to Bylaw 10 to voters.
A discussion ensued on delivery of water during 1930 season,
especially as it affected parties applying for only one acre foot,
and who actually received considerably less than this quantity;
it was felt by the Trustees present that this was not the opportune
time to take any action on this matter.
The Secretary reported that Conditional Licence for storage on
Crooked lake hhd been received from the Comptroller.
The Secretary read a letter from the Comptroller, with which was
enclosed account for rentals for diversion and storage water
from 1914 to 1930;  The Secretary was instructed to acknowledge
receipt of this account, and to bring it before a later meeting
of the Trustees.
The Trustees discussed the appointment of a supervisor for the
work now in progress at Crooked lake; action on this was deferred
Mr. Goldie reported his conversation with Mr. Marshall of the
Okanagan Centre Irrigation Company, xjot in regard to replacing the
old dam at Crooked Lake; this matter was left in Mr. Goldiefs
hands to deal with as circumstances dictate.
Mr. McDonald raised the question of making some remuneration to
Mr. A. Clark for use of road to Beaver Lake, it being understood
that the contractors were demurring at paying for this;the
trustees expressed themselves as being in favor of paying Mr.
Clark up to $25.00 if he does not collect from the contractor
it was suggested that the secretary make a note, of this amo*.
and possibly apply it on Flume account. XrttBt.es - Sept.  28W19^1
A>/3.S7 9.o^\Z^
It was moved by Mr. Gray,
Seconded by Mr. McDonald, That the sum of $1 ,350. be paid to
the Duck Creek Flume Committee, on
account of Districts share of cost of
this work.
The Secretary submitted the following accounts, and it was
Moved by Mr. Goldie,
Seconded by Mr. Gray,
That the Secretary be authorised to pay the
following accounts, -
Winfield Co-op.Growers, - Stationery,
E. C. Mails, L.D.Telephone Tolls,
Yernon Hews, Ad. re Tenders
Kelowna Courier,   do.
Williams Shoe Store - Rubber Boots,
J# Goldie, Expenses to Victoria,
F. W. Groves, Engineer fees re pumping
Smith Dav. <fc Wright,  Cardboard for maps
$       4,
• 25
► 25
;        163,
m          3,
Moved by Mr. Goldie,
Seconded by Mr. Cray,
That Mr. w. Read be authorised to ti&gn
cheques etc., together with the Secretsgr,
and that the Secretary advise the Bank of
Commeroo of this authority.
Moved by Mr. McDonald,
Seconded by Mr* Read,
That, in view of extra duties Imposed on
the Secretary during recent months, his
remuneration be Increased from $12.50 per
month to $25.00 per month for the period
beginning June 1st 1931 until the
completion of the dam at Crookd Lake , and
that further consideration be given this
witter at the end of the financial year.
The meeting then adjourned.


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