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Minutes of a special general meeting of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, August 21,… Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Aug 21, 1931

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1 m 8p4olal^«|neral meting of the witthfeld and
entre irtigmtlon '01 strict, held in tho winfleld OoaTTOnity
nfiti$* Friday owning* Augtuet Slat 11)01*
ed hy Mr* J* I* Aberdeen,
y ;>» K* if* 0ro,        That Mr* J* B* Omaton bo Chairman
ef this meeting*
fht Xinutem of tim Annual demiral Footing, of Mroh 3rd 1931
wore gtoad*. and it vm®
Minutem Mi
i *g*n i
Hall mt wi
It mmm mm
■ ■*>* ft **. «*• >? aji **
> iU V,"V>., ..-9v. 9~:.i,     £
Moved hjp Kr* Atyrdmrnm,
.•©O' nfl&& by Mr* Hood*      Th
The Minutes of tapedol General Meeting of 3v*np 1st 19*51, r»r© road,
Movod 1j|? Mr* Mm} M* Ore,
ftgoondmd %f Mr* A* Smith, That the jdnutem of the netting of
June 1st Iff| bo adopted*
taken on
id for discussion of any points arising out of the
isslon MiMmm on tho rn/.ul& for gar&ea
*e&-Wff the Oonu-mr; this eeaecni    no action mm
would cost In the
that tills work hi!
lUtfm&ry of tho onQUiriec made by thM
i to build a clan at the outlet of G*$0ired
It | mm to hold about 8800 norm feet
•hood of $lft*000*     he TrmtMm .mgoozraend
Ml nittu provided arxuweraontm can he
noetin^ ompowmr tho Stubtooo
t am Bmon as with the
Lob of m data at tho mutlet of
account Of
In reply tc
Kr* &rovmtt
consent to
Tfifl Yifb >:
ana i
>tlon* Mr* Groves stated thnt 8,000 A#£t* cioeM
>ity of mmw$ rmTm at a soot of f;6,GQ0» to |§,oao*
?ox- q£ proceeding nltii ^rooted T#axe Moftam on
m.tly of arranging mat term mt Bemver ^oke*
iifS* Kr* it *     i   Jmneron atmtm* Me ggtloatm of
11*5 ft high* 1« $16*600*
its ranking one more effort to neour* Gowpony'n
mint Beaver fmm dm*   Kr* i-oad polnte ont that
ay ham rooolvod mpoolfle refusal from hio principal*
ilm mat tor up with them oguin*
•tion hy Kr* Coot Kr. ^maoron enid he idm© not
ttnlci to hulld 4ma on late a al>ove Crooked Tmk^i
-* j-;; hiii*hiw?t  iltii'i Bfivi finT*le at Oroolfod ^£*V*Mm
^ro3®od thof^eeivom In il&vor of proceeding iw§#Ifet#lf
» nehe&e*    ??r. ::c* a* amy oaqproimed hie ojilniom that
U3nri.n1; ffcmld ne^d hoth tm Crooked. Tiake dm* and
Co r rioft miynlTnotiDl.y*
fhmt in view of the o,c.;n;cr-o5, tho Oo^ptrollor
hM nrgod to mxpmdltg ©& qniday mm p&mi^tM
him approval of tha jpimir* for a dam at tho
outlet of vroefeed Tal^, and that a oopf Mt
thi© resolution ho forf^rdod to tho comptroller
Cnrrlod* £*'3.s2 9.ox*X&
o m o
;lct»v>AU]gmot^ ,81 gt., jgglj
ti General Mooting of $lnfitld& oten&t?ti» centre irrigation
It mmi §n | m$4i that it might te advlsahlo to send a representative
to tietorio, to .take this ant tor np with the Comptroller*
noved t>y Mr* . QMnntmhXMf
art    *n
I frusteoo h% inotrnctod to
h to the Co»itroiler tho
io of tho ol>ove roo$lw6ion«
Boeonaea *y ■Mr*^g£ 4^:gan,    fhat tho Tnwtooo eomriiunieoto with tho
Comptroller hy Tiong uietanoe Telephone,
and failing r&tinfection hy this ramona,
that © representative he oent to Victoria
to iiitervlow himi and the monitor for thin
oonntltuenay* tho Son* ;i\ w* jonee*
Yho Chairman mn:.3iittcHi the am^nfljioot^ wliftit wmm opTried*
Kr* A* Smith noked the chairman who in to fculld dom,    Kr* Ronton
replied that no orra^ementa hod heen smde.    Mr* Smith ftnted that
at the laot mooting, tho eh'irramn of tho Srwtooo had stated that
(_)   no oaepen&lture would bo undertaken without holding a m&eting of
tho vmMTB | nhoroaa tho Iruotoee had proooodod with dre lnlng tho
upper lakoo without diroot outhorlnmtlon \>y a public mooting*
4 diooue&lon encromd in whioh Stetson?* 0oot *owlor* Ore, and oevarel
others orprooood tnolr approval of the ffruotoon notion,    Mr* smith
ototod that hi a />   je ct ion mm to the principle and not to tho
specific motion*   Mr* Bond ou^i#otod that if tho ueorw wore not
motlofled* they should oak the sruotoom to rooiipa*
Sooondod Inn Mt% 3* M* Aberdeen* flint tMo itf#Mmf esprooe their
entire ooa^idonoe in the present Board
of XrwBtmott*
Ilr* Seaton eioted that in viow of tho mlmindorntending whioh hod
sird&<^*$    :-. ■■., -\v4 thdrotf cinsr i^ro$/«ieo to vnnn;:~ expeiidltUTfifii to tho ur®r$,
ond that i'ht- Board of ftrusteeo would tmm their own Ji^ei^ont in
utur© delivery of irritation no tor
5he proposal' dism 1b built* S
sorted In oontroct, that mo ffcr
local permanont residents tee


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