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Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District,… Board of Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District; Court of Revision of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Nov 7, 1930

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Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the winf ield
and Okanagan Centre Irrigation Distriot, held in the
Winfield Community Hall., a %.; winfield, B.C.* Friday, Hovember
7th 1^i0.;'at 9 o'clock M*M0^T . -;   "f^if^S"
preeentb- Messrs* 3.  B. Seaton, 3.  Goldie, j# OS? MeDonald,
3m  llm  Aberdeen*'-.'..n:.        llne
Chairman. JVM* Seaton
Secretary, s# C. Kaile.
Tha Minutes ofthe Maetlng ©f September 29th were read  pie.
'and it .was moved hy Mr. Aberdeen,  MLW^ki*       t^#'v'
.Seconded by Mr* G#Id|e*i^%:3-v% $£& • . .   Hfe-
That tho minutes be adopted* .;     n*
^^3 *^;" . ' Carried. . .' ;. ■. n
The Chairman asked for nominations for a member of the v,';', . t.
Court of Revision to take the place of G.R*7enableSt deceased..
Moved by Mr* McDonald;,  ;';'.:'■- §|p£*%
Saeonded by Mr* Goldie, ':M% i^^»
That VLTm J.  H. Aberdeen be appointed
a member of the Court of Revision*
Wm§: Carried.
Moved by Mr* Aberdeen, . ■ e.:n
Seeonded by Mr* MeBomld;>e:.\:- ee *i&Mf$
That the Trustees express their sorrow
|p|| at the loaa of Mr.. .0.  R# -.fenables , and
that the Seeretary be Instructed to
write.:to Mrs. Yenables conveying the
sympathy of the Board. '''•'•••
V^ Carried.
The Meeting then adjourned.
^ ~o -a -g -c ~e -c—c -c -€ -
Minutes of the Court of Revision ef the winf Ield and Okanagan
Centre Irrigation District, held in the winfield community
Hall at winfield, Friday, Hovember ?th 1930 at 1C ofclock a*K
Chairman, icr« j* E» Seaton, BP5^
Members,  Messrs* j. Goldie and j. h* Aberdeen,
Secretary, E. c. Maile.
Mr. M* P. Williams, J. p# adminstered the oath of office
to the members of the Court, aa provided in the water Act*
The Chairman called the meeting to order, and announeed that
the Court was prepared to hear any complaints against the
Assessment Roll lo* 1, aa prepared by the Assessor.
Mr* Marahall of the Okanagan ?alley Land Company asked that
he be heard first aa he had another appointment during the
morning* The Chairman, with the oonaent of the other
apellanta preaent, consented to Mr. Marshall.fs request*
Mr* Marshall asked that consideration be given to Town Lota
at Okanagan centre , being parts of Map 4M, some of which
have been irrigated prior to January 1st 1930, either from
irrigation servlee or domestic service, and aome which have
not been irrigated*
The Court ruled that consideration of theme lota be given at
an adjourned bearing 1 Kr. Marshall agreeing to submit
the Lot numbers which he wished included in class "4* 0
. Court-- ef Revision $ levember 7th 19>0 ^rt:
The chairman called on Mr* p. w* pixton for his complaint
in regard to Lot 56 Map 525*
Mr. pixton claimed that the Irrigation Company had mot
been delivering water te part of this lot, but to answer
to question by the Court, admitted that the classification
in the assessment roll was apparently correct* The
Chairman suggested that Mr* pixton confer with- the manager
of the Okanagan Centre Irrigation and power Company, and
O that failing a satisfactory arrangement between them, the
Court would give further consideration to this oomplaint
at the adjourned hearing*
Mr* Lewis Renting complained that lot 55 Map 457 on which
he is assessed 4.5 Aar.es t?An and 2.45 Aares ,rBrt has net
been supplied from the Irrigation Companyfs system for
many y#ars» this land being irrigated from a spring on which
Mr. Reading had a record* The Chairman pointed out that
this land is part of the Distriot under the Letters patent
and consequently must be included in the Assessment roll*
The Court ruled that the assessment of lot 55 Map 457
should stand as shown on the roll* 3^*
L* Constable complained by letter that Lot 54 Map 444
consisting of a total of 10*4 acres has had 8*5 Aores
irrigated for four years fast, whereas he has been assessed
for enly 5*9 Aares "A" and 6.5 Aores 3BJ% Mr* F. 0*
McDonald testified that he had re-inspected this lot and
that Mr* Constables contention was correct*
The Court ruled that the assessment roll for Lot 54
Map 444 be amended to read 8*5 acres "i", and 1,9 acres
Cifss "Bf,>
JKr* C* E* Davidson complained that the South part of
/j*oi 4o Map 444, had been incorrectly assessed.
The Court ruled that a re-inspeotion should be made of
this lot, and the ease further considered at the adjourned
Mr* T« A* Gray complained that•the parcel described as
Lota 122*125 and 129*150 Map 454 which was assessed at
4*85 Aores "a" and 1*5 acres "b^ was entitled to 5»7 seres
*A* t this amount having been irrigated for several years
and shown as irrigated on the Final License Survey of 1927*
The Court ruled Hi at the assessment roll be amended by
elassing Lots 122*125 and 129*150 Map 454 as 5*7 acres
class *A* and *6>5 acres class *B*«
Mr* T* A* Gray further complained that (towmslte) lots
24-52 Block I, Map 454 had been omitted from the roll,
whereas these lots have been Irrigated for several years*
The Court ruled that the roll be amended by including
lots 24*52 Block i, Map 454, and classing this land
as *5 aares "a*•
Mr* T* A. Gray alms asked that Irrigation water be allowed
on lots 12-15*14 and 19*20 Block G Map 454. As it was
shown that these lots had not received Irrigation water
prior to 19>0,
The Court ruled that these lots ba assessed as *B* land
and entitled to domestic water only* 1
Court of Revision - Movember 7th 19>0
Mr* Thosp»s Williamson complained that Lot 96 Map 444
which was assessed as 8. acres nA* and 2 acres "B" should
be entiiled to 9*5  acres "A" , as ho claimed that this
amount had been Irrigated in 1929*
: The Court ruled that this lot should be re-inspected and
further consideration bo given it at tho adjourned hearing*
Mr* V* T* Allan complained that Lot 95 Map 444 whioh was
assessed as 6* aores "a" and 4*25 *B* should be entitled
to 10* acres f,A,f, this being the amount whioh he claimed
had been irrigated prior to 1930*
The Court ruled that this lot be re-Inspected, and further
considered at the adjourned hearing*
Mr. 3.  W* Arnold complained that Lot 161 Map 521 which
was assessed at 9#2 aores *a" and X-~*o8 acres "B" had
1 >11 been under irrigation, and should bo assessed as
iLail been under :
C(J|*9.28 acres "A*.
The Court ruled that tho roll be amended by classing
Lot H f61 Map 521 as 9«28 aores "A"*
jfr, Y* Ito, through S* Xobayashl asked that tho "A" land
'MMMOMBed.  in Lot 100 Map 444 be increased* This lot had
Q(        boon assessed as 5* aores "A" and 6*69 acres "B"* As it
* ;was not claimed that more than 5 aores had been irrigated
prior to 1 956 #
The Court ruled that the assessment of Lot* 100 Mapy 444
be confirmed as 5* acres "A" and 6*69 acres *B"»
K* Kobayashl, through 3. Kobayashl complained that
Lots 9*10-11*12-15-14 Blook J. Map 454 (townsite lots)
•had been omitted from the assessment roll, and that these
lots had boon irrigated for several years*
The Court ruled that Lots 9*10*11*12+15*14 Blook J Map 454
be added to tho assessment roll and classif iid as £
apt *57£ acres "a* land*
Mr* 3m  1* Seaton oomplaiaod that Lot 162 Map 521 was assessed
as 11*50 acres wifl and *05 aores !TBfl , as all this lot has
boon irrigated,
the Court ruled that the roll be amended by assessing
Lot 162 nap 521 as 11*55 aores "A11 •
Mr* F. 0. McDonald complained that the acreage classed
as *A" in lot *A* Map 1JL55 was incorrodt* The Court asked
Mr* McDonald to produce further Information on this, and
tho matter to bo roeemsldered at the adjourned hearing.
The Soldier Settlement Board, through its solicitor,
submitted a written complaint that Lot 68 May 444 should
be classified as "A" land instead of "B" as shown on tho
roll* The Court decided to farther consider this point
at the adjourned hearing.
The Secretary was instructed to write the comptroller asking
his advice as to whether the court could classify as "B"
land which although it had boon irrigated in the past, had
not received water for several years and to which the cost
of delivering water was apparently- disproportionate to tho
economic value of the property. o
Court of Revision, November 7th 1950
. since . S^|
G. R. Venables,/d*aoased, having complained by letter that
certain of hia lands wore incorrectly assessed, the Court
ruled that the following amendments be made in the roll,*
Roll lot Map Total A   B  Lot R.p.No. Total A   B
6  \Z    444 10. 9.4  .6  4 1657    8.75 6*75 **
7 pt 15  444  5*6 2.4 5.2  1  1657    txt 2.4   1.7
66 104-
107  444  5.72 2*7  1*02-101*
107 444    7.   2*7   4*5
Mr* 3m  R« Cheosswm complained by letter that his property
part lot \y Map 444 assessed as 8*§ acres and 5.4 acres B»
should be assessed as 9*0 acres a aad 2.4 acres B* The
Court ordered a re-inspection of this property, the case
to he further considered at the adjourned hearing.
Mr* 3*  H. 4bordeen complained that the assessment of his
property, lot 157 Map 49&, did not accurately describe tho
actual acreage* The Court asked Mr. Aberdeen to produce
further Information on this at the adjourned hearing*
Tho Court sot tho date for tho adjourned hearing for
Thursday, November 20th 1950, at 10 o'clock A*M* in the
Winfleld Community Hall, and the Secretary was instructed
to advise the appellants whose appeals were to be heard
at that time*
The Court then adjourned*
Chairman Secretary


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