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Letter from James Goldie to [William] King, January 6, 1941 Goldie, James Jan 6, 1941

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 Jan. 6th.l941.
WBm King-   Ban.
Kaleden,     B.C.
Bear Bill*
Sane mouths ago flfy our Water Distriet sent oat a aiiestionnaire.
From it I did not get the information that I would like to have * so I thought
that I might do a little wosrk of my own. , I want to gat a comparison
of costs    and set«m>    as between a few Districts and oxr own.
We opiate under a private Company system*       ?or delivering water
the Co»    charge the user    at the rate of   $6*00   par Acre Foot, iw& a discount
Bt fa   5 $> if paid when water is turned on.
Some years a**o a Water District was formed , find we fretyt ahead and
built a reservoir dam with money from the Government k you end I ue» in Victoria
at the same tine/   »        2a pay this off tho District chafes   &** D^Haa? per
acre per year*        Very little of this is set aside for a raserve.\     \.
Most growers use about two Ac. Ft* per acre9oesting tlMtvkjW^k <
discea«t»i about    §13.40 per acra ibr water. In the end the gr&We^^ will
own a dam, but the Head Gates and ail the ayatem will at ill hi in thle acm? pf
the Company. The system was put in 30 years ago.      It (is supiNwed to Sf kBP*
in repairs but acme iay^there will be a very eerious outlay tfjequire/1.
The Company may ou? may not carry on.     Apart from the system.;$hey fciave no assets,
and it would appear that there is a very heavy mortgage against the  system.
0^om the above you will see that I have something to worrf about*
fWT my information I wonder if would kindly givs me a' few facta about ^\our
set-ap in Kaleden such as   that doe a ycur water cost to-day?   Whan .migMx you
expect to reduce your capital levy ?       After yea have paid off your liM&v
what do you figure   the grower should be paying for water*
Aay information you ean give me along these lines will be grv***tly
Youa?* sincerelyr
-Tames Goldie. "Ji^


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