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Interview of Committee of Water Users Association, April 13, 1926 Committee of Water Users Association Apr 13, 1926

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 2*i'$m'5T-.0l* 03,2o
mm                                                                         winfleld, u*u* April xsth i©88
interview cf ceaslttss ef water users Association with Mr* J* L. Logie*
Manager of the Okanagan Valley Land Oeapsay Ltd** and ef the Okanagan Irrigatli
and fewer Soiapany* Ltd* * at the Oompaa£ef office »se**aaa$an Centre*
The attached letter frcw the Sater Utters GesKlttse was handsd te Mr* Legle*
and it wae repeated that Mr* Logie give the sesalttee a letter in reply*
Ihs proposition ef the Water Users ae sutaltted in Mr* Herrls letter to
Mr* Cochrane ef 87th Marefa wae taken up clause by clause* Mr* Logie
admitting that any recoKuscndationa he might sake would have te be eutnlttsd
to ar* farrss* but cl&iaing that hie knowledge ef Mr* Barren's eplnlene
saabled him te epssk with scaie authority*
Mr* Logie took exception to the following points* thoss wet mentioned
being eotifeidered eeeeptable* or of such alner importance that an arrangement
could be arrived at*
(8) The Q^pmiy  would not consent to agree to deliver water where no egreeraarl
has been signed, nor te deliver the second sore foot where the eeesnd
agreeaent hae not been elgned* The eeapany roi&ht continue to deliver water
ae they hm^B  in the past tc partiea who have not slgaed the agreement, but
it would bf ae a matter of courtesy and at their discretion* fhe oewpany
tseeatende that the contract ie the foundation of the business and suet be
(£; i$*# Logic considers that he aa manager should be left &ene dieeretles
ae te teres of payment, but would cttisent te swall co&nittee of ueere having
eeae eay with him ae to where credit should b# granted* on being further
preesed he would not concent to the eeapany lands rates being subject te
thle eots&tttee*   He &lse consider** aeeend payment should be due August let
Instead of August 31st* The eo&slites were disposed to aeeede to this iter*
(SSS) Ce&pany insist th t interest en &ar be paid before depreciation
fund* St ted that dais was put in te make good water r cord*
(e) States that Mr* Legle and Mr* Cochrane at hearing befire Minster
agreed to appointment of independent engineer subject to Mr* Warren*s approval
fill) utterly opposed to separata managerssnt* Separate books kept now
(IS) &uggeeta that auditor be satisfied of lets aeeountet and through his
Water Caere Oeaaltte*preference to Water comptroller unaeesssary* Ceaalttee
consider tills sufficient, se if not satisfied they eaa then refer to
Oowpeny insist en preserving any right they have to put further
land under system, iff and when water la available and eyetsw adequate to \
(16) Pour ye&rs too long* If arrangeaent s&a&e* try It one year and If
satisfactory. ssaksata continue*


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