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Letter to the Secretary of the Okanagan Centre Water Users' Association from T.A. Gray, F.W. Groves and… Gray, T.A.; Groves, F.W.; Norrington, O.F.D. Nov 20, 1926

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G     *
Y. Kelowna,   B.   C.f
Nov.   20th.  1926
The Secretary,
Okanagan Centre Water Users1 Association,
Okanagan Centre, B. C.
Dear Sir:
In accordance with the resolution passed at a meeting
of Winfield and Okanagan Centre Water Users on May 28th last, in
^theJSffice of the District Engineer, Water Rights Branch, Kelowna,
the undersigned, in company with Mr. W. H. Prowse, who kindly acted
in the place of Mr. Gray who was unable to be present, ipade an
inspection of the whole of the diversion works, operated under
Conditional Licence 1502, snd which were used in part last season
as a by-pass ditch to pass water into Duck Lake Creek for the use
of the holders of the early rights on that creek.
The total length of the ditch from the point of
diversion to the point on Mr. Phillipfs land where it empties
into Duck Lake Creek is   87^0 fe*t
The question of fluming the whoi4 length as far
as Mr. Phillips1 diyasrsion-and thence ^traright we&tr^al^ng—
~€Xarkes Creek road into Duck Lake Creek was looked into.
The length of this flume would be 809O feet
and the cost of a No. 30 metal flume, which would be required
to supply the required quantity, is estimated to be  |l0f200
If wooden flume was used the cost would be •  $ 5,000
In view of the foregoing estimates we are of the
opinion that it would not be advisable to install fluming at the
present time, but rather to put the present ditch into first class
condition by clearing out all loose stones larger than 3 inch diameter,
removing all roots and obstructions, also widening tod straightening
places where choking at present occurs. At places the ditch overflows
and at these a little banking is required.  That portion of the ditch,
from the south east corner of Lot 118, to the Phillips * diversion,
should be enlarged to 2 feet bottom width with 1 to 1 side slopes.
Prom Phillips' diversion to the creek the water course should be
thoroughly cleared out.
Permission to improve and use this ditch would of
course have to be obtained from the parties interested in it.
Yours truly,
T.A. Gray
F.W. Groves
O.JJ'.D. Norrington (SGDJ -fiivTtt T CSt
en   ne e
^^V    ,-39     i
I ^^z;f\ - :       ^
—— ■—


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