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Minutes of meeting of the Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, October 8,… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Oct 8, 1943

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 I J4>/3.S7.fj>7u+U\
masting of the Trustees ef the Winfield 1 fJtamegam Ocmters Irrigation
District held in the Rainbow Ranche Office at 7*30 p,m* Friday, Oct* 8/45
PRESSST \m J* e. Seaton in the Chair, Messrs. Berry, Coast sale, Goldie,fe
Huyens. Also Mr. E. Davis the Water Comptroller wmM Mr. Penfold«
storage     The Trustees stated thatnthey had intended te increase leaver Lake
storage by increasing the height of the dam, but had failed tc get
Sly cooperation from the irrigation Co*
latterly, war time conditions hsd put a halt to any addition te the dam,
ami the District hsd received em extension of time on their licence.
Wtm Seaton said,that he had heard that the Eldorado Ranch intended te
apply for a storage licence*
The meeting was assured by both Mr* Davis mad Mr. Penfold that the
District's prior licence was paramount and unlikely to be interfered with*
They dec pointed ant that the date ef commencement and the date of
completion as stated on the Conditional Licence was very vital*
Considerable discussion then took plaoe on the subject of the application
for increased irrigation rates by the Ok. Centre Irrigation k Power Co. Ild*
Mr. Davis said that the whole discussion must remain strictly on an
informal basis•
The f Short Deeds Act * mam mentioned and Mr* Davis^cited the case of
wHorth Shore versus Dalton"      This warn purely a demestic^and the court ruled
that the onus ef maintenance waa em each individual who shared in the benefi
ae, that la the Judge's opinion the pipe belonged te the property ts
through which it passed* I
This case set a precedent but it does net necessarily mean that future
decisions would follow suit*
Some suggestions by Mr* Davis and Mr* Penfold*
let Howard's male figure for the system in writing*
Try and estimate the figure for which the Distriot could rem the system,
and at the same time set up em adequate sinking fund*
Try and average the future replacement costs*
Contact L. 1. Tripp ef Yernon and ask if he could give as may hill *Y
Cheeking the Irrigation Co's accounts*
Mr. Davis then asked how long it would be before the Co. Sited far
another increase if we conceded this one*
He also said that a ccaparsion of rates paid by other Districts was no
Conservation Fund Loan
Mr. Goldie said that the District mast have money on head in 9mm
of a failure ef Beaver lake dam or seme other contingent liability.
Mr. Davis suggested that if the District needed money for the dam
and wanted all the cash possible, why met just continue tc pay the interest
and that if the dam waa not going to be bmilt for a year or two make an
offer of settlement te the Govt.    The offer had te come from the District,
we couldn't expect the Govt, tc make us em offer*
1002X1 ADJ00RKSD AT 11 p. m.
ilSili Wm$a
Sec. to the Trustees Chairman*


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