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Minutes of the general meeting of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, August 1, 1945 Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Aug 1, 1945

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R. R. No. 1
Minutes of the GENERAL MEETING ef the Winfleld k Okanagan Centre Irrigation
District held in the Winfield Hall cm Wed* Aug* 1, 1MB at 8p.nu
51 Water users present* .
Mr* L* Constable was elected Chairman, ami S* Land Secretary.
The Secretary read the minutes of the last general meeting and It wae
mrm by j* seatw
SECONDED by S. SWMHXS :- That the minutes of July 18/45 he adopted*
The Chairman asked Iter individual reports from the coaaaittee appointed on
July 18th* to inspect the pipe line*     v£}'
|f* Brodie said that in hie opinion the inspection had went practically
~ nothing*
s* Edwardsarriafiffiflffia: said that the pipe was in hotter condition them m emy time
during the lest 17 years*        M0$
D.SdEainds   tedgftwjcg&x said that the pipe didn't hare a leak in it & wee 100% hotter
~ than he had figured it would be*
I. Seatfff said that there only appeared to be 2 or 3 cellar leaks* 1 bridge
needed strengthening, k 1 needed replacing* Did mat went te go on
|^J?5        record aa saying that the pipe wee in good shape*
|>* Smitjl amid that the pipe was pretty dry but the bridges were a disgrace*
Mr* F. W* Groves gave a report k estimate em the suggested flume
from the creek te the top of the syphon*   The figure wae $100,000*00
&sT« Yen Acker en, in answer to a Question, said that the Ccmpany were
met interested In the flume*
Is?* Seaton said that that being the case the District would first hare
to buy the system and then finance the flume, and this was more them the
District could afford*
Mr* Ten Ackeren said that by lowering the high point on the range **
raising the syphon a few fleet more water could be taken into the system*
It wae decided to abandon the flume idea*
MOVH) by S* EDWARDS   0]-f:
SECCTOBP by 0. DRAPER:-   Whereas the Okanagan Centre Irrigation k Power Go*
Ltd* has applied to the Public Utilities Commission for permission to renew k partially relocate approx* 4400 ft* of W
main pipe In the Canyon below the Intake, and also for permission
to borrow en amount met exceeding $30,000*00 for same, end to     •#
increase the present irrigation water rates sufficient te retire
the amount borrowed over a period of not more them ten years, k
Whereas the Public Utilities Commission has Intimated tc
the water users of the District that the decision te maim this
expenditure rests entirely with the water vm***9 k
Whereas 3n the opinion of the water users it would he highly danfcerous to depend em the condition of the pipe at present
installed in this section of the system for an assurance ef the
supply of irrigation water, be It
Resolved that we, the wtter users of the Winfield k Okanagan
Centre Irrigation District hereby request the Public Utilities   m
Commission tc make the best possible arrangement with a view
towards the renewal of this 4400 feet ef pipe before the beginning of the 1946 irrigation season* and he It also %$
Resolved that the Okanagan Centre Irrigation k 'Power Co* Ltd*
i    he instructed to make necessary alterations at the high point     m
em the range and at the intake with a view towards increasing
the capacity of the system*
CARRIED with cme dissenting vote.
Mr. 1. C. Nuyens moved a rote of thanks to S« Edwards for hie work cm the
suggested flume*
SECONDED by B. JCSBS :- That this meeting adjourn*   ffARRIBD
••••••••.••••••••..•••••••••Seo* ••••.••••••••••••••••..♦...•Chairman
 ': -   .' -    v. •-■•-- "  ■    ■   ■    " .       ; • -    "-  • ■ di


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