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Letter from J. J. W. [James J. Warren] to J. E. Lane, January 25, 1927 Warren, James J. Jan 25, 1927

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 Jlo/3.S7 9,03.1*5
Hn o o are InT- "• °"
J* li Lane* iat#*
chalamn, Board ef Investigation*
Tietorin, s* c*
Dear Mr* Lane;
1 have gone mm the draft order with Mr* Logie aad
X bars Aiseasssd its terms informally with Itr* Mails and explained
the shan^es we think should bs aads*
We are embar&a&ed on aoeonnt of Mr* Cochrane'e death,
but we have tried to agree with the order as prepared, making only
s&eh alterations as we think necessary to earry Mt the intention
of the parties sad establish a workable agreement*
fhe reasons for aest sf ths changes will bs obvious
to yon, bat X will rsfer te several*
Clause a (a3 X don't think it fair that we should allow interest
on water rates paid during 1986* Bene of them were psiA
before April* Payments were asde frsa time te tine during
the mmmMM*   Finally there were orer # 4000* of arrears
at ths end of the year* *
Clause 8*   Mr* Legle agrees that it will bs the 16th ef sept**
either in eaeh year before His quantities of water supplied
eaa be aesarately ascertained* At tee same time we think
the bulk of the rates should be paid before nil the water
is aesdt henoe the prevision for ths additional | 1,60 per
sere fbet to be paid on or before August let*
Clause 8#   The change suggests* is for the purpose ef bringing
about inttaate relations between the Users and ths Company,
the Staglaesr to be called in only to ssttls any disagreement*
I think aost of the troublss st ths Csatre art* beoanss ef
misunderstanding through laek of frequent and friendly eon-
Clause 9«   t*y understanding, is that a fresh fctert is te be
mads beginning with Jan* 1, 1926, and that neither expend*
itures* nor revenues* iaeldent to any earlier period are
being dealt wlte*
fe hare tried te aset the views ef the Veers, and
yours, sad hope ear attitude will be tmdewstesd in ths spirit ia
whioh it is meant,* and reciprocated*
when replying* please write te Mr* Legle, sending
me a copy to trail, 8* G* I shall be ia ths latter plaes until
about Feb* 3rd* If the eopy resetted there after that date it
will be forwarded to ay Toronto address, 808 Bay St*
fours truly,
Irali #• <?* $•


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