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Indenture between his Majesty the King and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, July 1930 Norris, T.G. Jul 31, 1930

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KEIOWNA  B.C. S*>3*S7<^-o&3,
THIS IBm$wm made in dupXieate this day of *nOy
im the year of our £erd one thousand nine hundred and
HIS WkmTESTY THS ICIW© in the right of
Canada aa represented hy the Superintendent ffeneral of Indian affairs
hereinafter eallefi tho "Party of the
First IWrt*
DISSRXOS, an Improvement Bistrlot tnoor-    \
perated by Letters latent under the Water    \
\      Aet of the Provisos of British Columbia \
\    hereinafter ballad tho *farty of the
\MBon& Bart*1 __ ..„„__—■
flill4S the Party of the Second fart wae incorporated
(j>y_ letters Patent \m^or the VRllSer &ot of the Provisos of
British Oolumfeia^or thi purpose inter alia of storing
Irrigation water in Beaver lake* otherwise lutein aa Swal-
well Lake* and supplying treter from its storage works and
from Vernon Creek i$ lands within its oorpo rate limits *
AID SHERi&s* for tiie pu^oae of conserving such eater
it is nooessary that a flume and a dltoh .he constructed
through the Okanagan Indian Reserve So* 7 near Duek lake,
British Columbia
ASS WHK&BaS the party of the first Part has agree*,   to
give to the Party of the ^oaead   Part the right to oonstruot
and use the said flume and dlteh together with ..all rights of
ingress, egress and rogrom aeeesa&ry for the exsrelse of the
©aid righto
til II mmmTmt wmmsswm nmt in eons ideation of
the « of one dollar paid % tho Party of the Second Part to
the Party ef the First Part, tho -reesipt whereof ia herely
Mknewledged, the Party of the First Part hereby grants to m a p
the Party of the Second Part* its successes* and assigns, from
tt» te tin* and MM of tan a* MM0 %* ***e**siy *ithou* payment ef
any compensation thoref*** MP* MM herein ffttlded daring the
ploaauro of fit Superintendent General of Indian Affairs seed iff
aasfe porlod ae the Iwrty of the Second Part desttoa to use tha
said flume and ditch* a' froo eat uninterrupted right of way, ingress and egsese for its officers, agents* wsrteas* aad MVNst*
with or without auimale. v«thlol**# tools* naebinary *ftd SMSsrialg
through* along and 0Hm tho said land* Idiioh are known and described
as thB 0Mmsa4m InddbM Itesorvo Ho. ? Seek lake* and MMM hereinafter
roforrod to as the said landa fit ^*f*t purpose ef Millie»tln|» raooa*
*t*o*ti*g» operating* **ala*)|t*ln* and repairing an irrigation fliua*
sM ditch to be constructed upon approaimateljf Hi* line Shown in
groan on tha plan Merits annosod for the us* of all persona who now
or htrtaft#ir own* ooousgff m MNI or shall te intevestod in aay land
wi-thin tha territorial limits of tha district or a^y land' to ***lch
tha - ele-nnlot aay ho authorised to convoy water or ths lands of the
users of water under nator license* apt fellows t
mmi Mmnm    mm   -
final Moonae   mm -
Wiml Xnoenne    42?3~"
final *tyMM*   4434 -
Final Lioonso   §#S§- ~
/  Final Moons*   f07* -
and tho right to construct* dig* lay and huild the aaid works upon
the tald lands for tto pirpoe* of carrying out any and all of the'"5
Odette of the Mftrlot provided always that fee ilflp ef the *tr*t
Fart shall be entitled to duo compensation for all iii|mifjr d*** it
tho building** orchards, trees* ersps, fences and fixture* by reeeon
of tho enrol** by tho Party af tho 3*e*s& iwt of tha right* Htr#t^
granted, *ith*r during tho p|ppfe||g ef oouetruetioii* auheequeat therei*
and lliw#i»ii as lon^ as unii woi$m mm in uae in accordance fdth
tho provisions of s**tioa #? of the Britteh Columbia Hater   Mt*
fto imrty ef th* s**oad Part heretqr **veaaat* with th*
Party ef the First. Part that tho iferic* to he constructed will m    J    m
be built on approximately the line shewn in green on tho pis*
hereto annexed•
She Party of tht Somend Part further covenants that it will
forthwith at its expense construct over the said flume and ditch
proper crossings and/or bridges where the line of the said ditch
crosses any existing road*    Such crossings amd bridges will be
constructed to th* satisfaction of the District-(Water Engineer
of the Province of British Columbia.
The Party of the Second Part farther covenant® and agfoe*
with the Party of the First Part that should the Bejsrtment of
Indian affairs apply for a water license on Ternon QmbbIz for an
additional tettei (32) acres of the said Indian Reserve Ho. 7
mot covered by water license He. 6491 now appurtenant thereto
the Party of tht Second Fart will not lodge an objection to
tho granting of the said license with tho Comptroller of Water
lights of the Provtoce of Brit ink Oo Inn bin provided however
that nothing herein contained shall be considered an agreement
by the Party of the Second Part to waive priority in respect
of the water license* appurtenant to the lands (within its)
(corporate limits.
flie Party of th* Second Part covenants trlth tho Party of
the First Part that it will permit tho water tc which th* water
users on the said Indian Reserve Mo* ? are entitled under their
license to be earried through their woaftts constructed as aforesaid and to be passed out of tha same at the three point*
mar&ed on the said Plan as *►, B and 0 but at two points only
at the same time.    Tho said' miftfcr users shall make all necessary
connections with the said merles to permit of the xmB of the
mater by the said w&tor users as aforesaid* j{ /(
The Party of the Second Part hereby oovenamta and agrees
that it sill oljey all the lawful orders of the Metriet Ingineer
of the Water Branch of the Province of British Col«*bia amd of ** 4 -
the Comptroller of Water Bight* ef tho **I4 Province mud ef any
«*t*f bailiff appointed W $$$ MM lit** Branch in respect of
the *arrlaga MM, mn%§ mf fte mate* amd tho mintetmnee of ftepar
and adequa$* wesm and th* tight to th* mater users om Hn said
Indian n*»*rf* m aforesaid to carry water through the said works
is conditional upon obedience by such water users tc th* said
orders* All mxpmnm incurrod with reopeet te th* -*mpteym**i *f
a water bailiff on th* mM  ditch sad fiwm mmll MM Wm liability of and Im paid by tho Party of Hi* ascend part.
the Party of th*'first £**?§ horaby teknowlodgoe ]**yim**i' Im
full of compensation for Wm entering upon, trespassing upon*
tefcimgr timing lip occupying prior to th* date *f tills Indenture
of tho mM lancte MM any part %kmmoi by or on behalf of the
Party of tha Second Hart (or any §t its pr*d*****ors in title,
and for all injury to tho amid lands* It* oasaiuants and appurtenant** heretofore caused by er arising out of th* construction*
reeeftstrmetleu* eKtenslom* ^tint^iam*** repair- and •
ot the norks no* hold or opomted by tho .Mstrlotf 'tad ill*'
Party of th* J$mm%  Part hereof gtwt** #*l*amm* and «uit-claims
unto tho Mstrict all sstate, right, title* interest* property,
Claim and demand nnatsoever (If any) of tho Party ef the first
Part in,  te and upon the said worto (as d*f im*d in section 2
of tho mater Act 19S4) situate, lying, and being in upon er
under  til*" aaid lands or any P**t thereof save as security for
draag* and emeeptimg thereout any title teyoad en *saemont to
the land so to bo utilised aa hor*lab*fore defined and shown
Im th* asttfnpasgplng plan
Provided eimaya*- and It 4* hereby agreod tJiat tho words
*?mrty of the Wlml mr%n  and *p*artjr of tho a**end Part*
wh*r*vsr used I^r^ln shall, unless tho contest otherwise
requires* bo decided to iticludo respectively the sucootsora
and MMlolgna of the Party ef tho First Part and of tho Party
U- * 11
of tha Socond Burt*
m mfrnm mmrnw th* parti e* hereto wmm harcmate **t
their haads *gf§ *#mi* on th* day and year flrat above written.
in tho liresenco of


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