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Minutes of meeting of the Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, March 14,… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Mar 14, 1945

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 *?o/J.S7. 9,0-.L.MO
R. R. No. 1.
Meeting of the Trustees of Winfield h Okanagan Centre %rigatitm Distriot
held in the Bainbow B«ehe office Wed* March 14/40   eft 5*50 p.m*
PgW:-   J*£.3eatom (Chairman) Messrs. Berry, Constable, IXiggen, la Goldie*
The minutes ef the previous meeting were read and it was
SSCCKDSP by W$&m t*» That the minutes of 7cm* %fm he edited* $&&&$
Arising from the minute^
The See* reported that he had seem Mr* Penfold sbout the Mprlek property
(Let SO, Msf Bid) end theft Hr* Penfoldhed said theft there wee me alternative
hut to give a certificate saying theft no teases were owing*   There wee no way
of enforcing collection, and therefore no transfer ef title could he held up
owing to non-payment*
■Considerable discussion of the waole situation on the Buck &eke system
The Sec* reported theft to dafte no levies et all fsjp the 1M4 year hed
been paid by the users of the Buck Lake flume*
The See* wae instructed to eee car write Mr* Penfold end find out
what action is to be taken.
A letter to the Prsjslcr of B. C* asking whaft aeelctemee the District
could expect if they purchased the whole irrigation system for s price of
|75,000*00, wee then read*
In reply Mr. Hart sedd that he had referred the matter to the Sinister
of Lemds* MA
The Deputy Minister in a letter to the District stated that the Minister mould be making a tour of the Okanagan Volley soon after the present
sitting of the legislature, md at that time the Districts request would
be taken under consideration*
The See* was instructed to write Mr. S* A* Howard of the #*E*Ta|J#y
Land #e* I enclosing a copy of the Deputy Minister's lcttear ) saying pi
the flfusteoe wished to let the matter of the purchase ft and ever until they
hid something definite frcm, the Govt* of   B. 0* ,/'/     \!
It wee decided not to approach the weftor users umtil there wee; ease
definite plan to ley before them.   This might he poselhle et the MnfmAT]
Meeting. |S |
The Bee* theai asked what ection to take in the following case.**   /
Mrs. B. B. Harvey of Kelowna, and Miss. P.P*Barvey of TancouvCr hed, r
between them, paid #180*00 of the 1944 tax of #150*00 em their property
(Lei t* iMpSOQ) leaving tto balance to be paid by their tenant* The tenant
( T* Taiji ) had not paid* L
The Trustees decided that the registered owner was responsible for  jx
the whole tarn, but mere willing, under the elromateneee, to forego the
penalty if the balance wee paid tract lately by the ownere* —^H
H^ moved by mmT<mm~—
SECtanffiP by DCFGGMs-* That the Distriot accept #30.00 as the balance
Of the 1944 tax on %M 8, May 500 provided that this sum he paid liaised lately.
A letter was then remt in which W* Yen AefcWCsi enswereft e verbal
question wtk®& by the Sec* cm behalf of the Trustees*   This question was in
regard to the estimated cost of the office staff of the Irrigation Co* for
the year 1945*
£&r. Tan Aelmtem stated that the worn warn §0*000*00. He eald that he
felt that there wee acme personal mistrust est the pert of the District, a
thing that he regretted , as it did met lead to harmony*
The Trustees considered this figure of #f ,400*00 toe high, but the
Sec* wme instructed to w*itc Hr*. feu Aekeren thanking him fur the information
and saying that there was definitely uo personal mistrust of either Mr* Van
Aekeren9s actions or abilities, cm the pert of the Trustees*
| C0NTf*Q£t>^ cZt>/3.^7.%o^
R.  R. NO. 1.
MABCH 14/45 SBBHg go*  2
The Sec, then reed a letter frejm the Comptroller of Water Rights saying
that another instalment wae Oam cm the Conservation fund Loan,
It wee decided to eehmcmlelsje the letter and say that the matter
mam under earnest consideration*
Three letters from C. 1* Robinson of the B. 0* Came Dept* re the
fish hatchery   at Beaver Lake were read*
It was decided theft Messrs* Constable k Duggan sen Id altcmft a meeting
ml the O.K.Y.Land Co. office cm Monday, March 26th. 1005 to settle any
dispute that might arise*
The Sec* retorted that #000*00 of tho 1944 torn mem still
unpaid ( This figure excludes Duck Leke )
Mr. Geo. ??illiamson was mem two years behind and would have to be
notified theft him property mam mem liable for ton male*
The Bank loan ef #8*500*00 was then discussed* There is not enough
money on hand to clear this off* so it worn
SECCilDlB by   BUGGAU s~ Theft the Chairman ( *f* £• Seaton ) emd the Secretary
{ S. J. Land } be authorized to pay off the present
bank loam to the eamh extent of #7,000*00* and
continue to hold loan of #1,500*00
warm by oolme
SffCOMpo by C01*5Ti£I£ :- That the following a/efs be ratified *~
Trustees' remuneraticm for 1944/45 *,«•   # 106*00  mm
Balance Secretary's salary ••*••••*•••* 74*70 ^'
Winfield Hull rental* ••»*••••*•**•*•♦• 5*00 '^'
9* 1* Seaton ( Trips to Bower k
OrCClmt Lakes    ****** 35*00
The Bee* reported that the final payment cm '^W,:.
swjarer Lake Dam had matmstisl to ****..................4434*40 m yl^
( The authority to pay an amount up to "Jjfel
#6,000*00 was snalcccd in a minute dated Jan. 6/45 )
Am application from S* Clifford Assam for dotaectio water em left 0, Map 2729
was turned down, end the See* Instructed to write him to that effect.
M0V3BD by O0IDI11
SJSCOSg)EB by HJOOsY :«* That this meeting adjourn
( Time 0*09 p*m* )
Secretary to the Trustees* Chairman*


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