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Minutes of meeting of the Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, June 24, 1931 Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Jun 24, 1931

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JU>/3.S7% 1ft **»
Minutes of MeetiQ of Trustees of the WlnfleOaad okanagan
Centre Irrigation Die rict, held at tha W.nfield Community
Ball, Wednesday, June 24th 3.931, at 1 o'clock P*M*
Present ** Trustee©, Goldie, McDonald, Head, Gray and Seaton
and the Secretary*
Tha Tru©ta©© discussed th© line of notion to be taken before
th© Water Comptroller at his hearing tide afternoon.
After the Com.troller's hearing, the Trustee© instructed
| the Secretary to forward to Mr,, de Wolf a copy of Mr* w* A*
Cameron's report on draining upper lakes.
It was also decided to get from Mr, Cameron fifrora© on the
estimated cost of Installing gates etc., and stop logs in
the proposed outs.
The Meeting then aljowned.
Secretary's notes re hearin  efore Comptroller J. 0, McDonald*
The Comptroller read the applications for draining lakes, and
for pdmping from Beaver Lake, and announced that he would
consider draining proposition first* Mr. Jorrls, who appeared
for the CounAtsa Bubna, objected to the short notice ha had
receivedj Comptroller gave Mr* Herri© until tomorrow to
GoIdle points out nature of emergency, and that there la
nothing new in draining proposal, as similar work has lean
done to some extent in several past years, though not on as
extensive a scale as now proposed; engineers have advised that
clearing these channels would be to advantage of water shed.
Comptroller asks if any adveraa comment; Horris makes formal
objection, and given till tomorrow to specify*  Comptroller
points out that it is not his duty to raise ibjeetions for
other users, but to consider any objections they may make *
Be Pumping - Goldie suggest that ptonping to lam level already
in power of District; Comptroller denies this as it involve©
change of works. Clearing present channel of boulder© etc.,
quite permissabl© as ordinary maintenance work. Goldi©
thinks might get by without ptimpingj McDonald and Head
press for decision on pumping: plan* Comptroller states that
this application must fellow ordinary routine, with adequate not
ice to other parties and argument presented at farther
hearing* McCarthy and Powley would agree to pumping in
emergency; McCarthy agreeable now if District wishes it, but
Powloy considers emergency passed and wo Id oppose pumping*
She hearing mus adjourned for ten minutes to pormit Trustees
to talk matter over* on resumption, Comptroller wa© asked if
Pumping application would have any bearing on application to
drain upper lakes, and replied nom    Comptroller suggest© that
pumping scheme very centrovercial* Groves gavo  details of
©chem©* comptroller rules that district must file application
and give other licensees notice, and he will allow period
of seven days for filing objections, and will then reconsider*


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