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Order by the Board of Investigation, May 6, 1925 Board of Investigations May 6, 1925

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 / **"****#&, . ™— — —"
I MS Jo/3.S7.<?ro3.0Q>
"    '      o o
It is hereby ordered* that tha oraer m&ae by tbe Hoard af investigation on
the 0th day of May 1925 upon the above mentioned cossplalnt and application
be, and ths saaa la hereby varied by stri ing out ulaueee 1* ft aaa 8 theraof
and substituting therefore ths following*
1*  that in Hat* af tha tolls payable to the OR* Centre I* & P. Go* under tha
water agreements Altered into by It and the tolls dacan&ed by tha.said Co*
tha following tolls shall he parable for the yaar l#tSf
A* A tall of 7*20 par acre payable in respedt of ail land for which
water waa dellverd by the ©a* at tho request of tha Water usar
durtftg the irrigation season of 1986
1. A toll at the rata of $8«0Q pera mtm foat fcr all water
delivered by the oo, at the reqest of the water user tnring
Irrigation ee^son ItftS In excess of 1 aara foot per acre
of the land irrigated.
M*  That tha said tolls ah** 11 ha dua and puyuble without deduction on tha 1ftth
day af Hay i$$6 hut every water u&Mr mho ha* heretofore paid to the Oo* any
ironies In rsspcot of irrigation toolls* tw  the year 1980 shall be credited with
■HisltiissiiMiisiili'ihi wniigr-ai psii n tif^rt thi #*t»^*i£ ;^^"»if«^^^^.
ths interest on tha monies so paid by him, at the rata of If par month from
the data of such payacnt to ths said IS of Uay I,§f!i!#
8  fhat ths aald GK«C*l*a£>» Co. da forthwith expend in renewing those parts af
ths  Irrigation eye tern aparatlsd hy the company from which there is \xrmMMMB mrj
loss cf watar through leakage a sum of money representing the total of ths toils
ehargable under thi a order lass tha total of tha sums expended during the year
li?r   T Including indehtailnaas incurred hut remaining unpaid ) on ths maintenance
repair snd operation of tha said irrigation ayetaa* snd leaa a further sum
of one thousand ami eighty dollars which nay ha usad by the company in paying
interest on tha monies borrowea b$> the company ta build ths sto rage dam at
JNIaver Lake.
4 The said So* shall farthest th prepare and i
on  demand statements showin in detail the
actually expended, anring. *rie?^y.ear IwSmp^ot! t.-j
of the above montlevied irrigation system*
11 f-rodi
o the Board of Invest*
la ehar's
under this order
tolls    nd the monies
[JU&*. l.Tl X> SHc
repair* and operation


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