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Minutes of meeting of the Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, June 26, 1931… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Jun 28, 1931

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 O O
Minute© of Meeting of the Trustees of tho winf laid and
Okanagan Centre Irrigation district, held at the residence of
the Secretary at winfield, Friday, June 26th 1931 at 4*30 P.M.
Present, Trustees, Goldie, Gray, McDonald, Read and Seaton*
and the Secretary*
The Minutes of the following meetings, (copies of which had
be©n forwarded to the Trust©©©), May 17th, June 8th,
June EOth, June SSnd and June 24th, were considered and
f~\ \ it was moved by Mr, Head,
Seconded by Mr. Ooldle, that these minutes be adopted*
The Secretary read letter from Mr* T* §.*  Morris in regard to
objections  of the Countese Bubna to plan for draining upper
lakes.    After some discussion, this was ordered filed, until
Comptroller takes further action*
The Secretary reported telephone mesaage from Comptroller
giving permission to proceed with draining Ijfckes, but
witholdlng action on dams and gates until storage application
iielo    DO&Ju   UGm ill    WX w 11.
The Secretary was instructed to write the Hon, J# w* Jonaa
thanking him for hie interest and assistance.
(^)       The Trustees then discussed methods of proceeding with work
Oil d-1 c» ;.ilXxi^3 Uj.^p6* X.S.JcufS9*
It was moved by Mr, Bead,
Seconded by Mr.  ray, That Mr, J. B, Seaton be employed
as supervisor of work digging ditch©©
between upper lakes aa outlined in
Cameron report, with full, authoaity
to hire necessary labor and purchase or
hire tools and equiypcnt.
The Secretary was authorized to pay wages as time shoot© are
jfc a©okjIsuv?iX    **0     wXXC    o IXj^©X v AIS QX *
Th© Secretary pointed out the difficulty he had encountered
in drafting application /for pmnping from Beover Lake and the
frmsteee approved of his proposal to get advice from District
Engineer* AOtion on amplication for pu^pi i% from Duok Lake
tc be postponed for the present*
Mr* Read and the Secretary reported remarks of District
Xagineer in regard to waste of water from By pass to Powley
intake, which he states is § acre feet per day*
After considerable discussion, Mr* CoIdle undertook to
go into this matter, and the possibility of effecting any
saving, either by agreement with Puck Creek users or otherwise*
The meeting than adjourned.


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