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Remarks and statements submitted for consideration in setting irrigation rates chargeable to the use… Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District 1942

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 3©t*.e?.9 'p**.1*)
R. R. NO. 1
The following remarks and statements are s^mftted for
your consideration in setting irrigation rates cl#frgp|Lble to the
users of water in the Winfield and Okanagan Cen^fe Dfstriet*
The Irrigation Co*, has furnished you |^|tfi|a brief and
financial statements covering toe period frcjik 19&9 to 194£, and
/       4toX\ *******
we assume that you will investigate these withput further comma**
from the user* V 1
It should be reaMsid that as 'the land is worthless with**
out wati^^Jfeat it was an Assurance of tflMiupply of water whic5h
the use^ftagpirchased when Shaking his origin|i investment*
i Si
^ 1 * \
It would sieemlevident that front the beginning* ^A to only
a fern jfears agoJI^Ie Land Co* and the irrigation Co* ^&d& operated
as a imi|t\as fag^sVexpenditure was |oncerned»    It migbl even b»
suggested*  for your Consideration, %hat the Irrigat^|fe Co« rej»
c^iyed no credit .for supplying water fto the Land dSk^p^er a con«*
rable pa^ioclj also that previousito the time of extensive
maintenance and replacement, charges that &rrigatioi&revenue may
have been usedJto develope an^vja^prove Land |p^propertyt instead
of being left as aa J       I asset of the Irrigation Co* WINFIELD  AND   OKANAGAN   CENTRE
R. R.  NO. I
It is suggested that.the question of appertenance of the system
and water to the land should be considered by the Commissioners*
It would seem necessary to give consideration to the      m
definition of maintenance and replacement, and as to the charges  m
segregated to the two accounts* WINFIELD AND  OKANAGAN   CENTRE
R. R.  No. 1
The User was justified in thinking from the very first, that a Public
Utility company, which was set up to deliver the paramount necessity •>
WiTER # and willing to enter Ante a perpetual contraet to deliver it would
of necessity provide for replacement costs if and when necessary*
Security and continuity of the supply of water has always worried the
User. Over a long period of years he endeavoured to get some assurance from the
Company that this was provided for.
At one time the Users called upon the Water Board to adjudicate the water
Rates as set by the Company, and if possible get assurance that the Irrigation
Company accounting system was in order.    The Board got no satifaction as to
the accounting system, but the rate of Six Dollars was reduced considerably.
Shortly after this Hearing the Company assured the Users that if they would
agree to pay a six dollar rate the service would be improved and the User
would have no further need to worry about the Water System being kept up#
The User agreed to this rate and assumed that a sinking fund would be provided
for.        A year or more ago the Company Management took the Users into
their confidence and offered to allow the User to examine the Company books.
The User was shocked to find that now after Thirty Four years the Irrigation
Company had no assets with which to provide for replacements. WINFIELD AND  OKANAGAN   CENTRE
R. R. NO. 1
The Go. made these suggestions:-.That the users pay higher
rates to cover replacements, or enter into an agreeaent to purchase
the system.   The users have never been able to get the Go. to
set a value on the system in spite of repeated requests*
It would appear that the present change of attitude and
appeal has been brought about by an extraordinary replacement
expenditure. It should be noted that this expenditure was
brought about by a flood of water in the Spring of 1942* In this
regard it should be pointed out that it is not the first time flood
water has caused damage of this kind* For years the users haie
endeavoured to have the capacity of the reservoir increased to
provide flood control.
In 1941 the District at last secured a licence to provide
this increase of reservoir and were prepared to go ahead with construction of a higher dam on Beaver Lake at their own expense*
The user submits that it was from lack of cooperation on
the part of the Co* that this work was not proceeded with, and that
the damage done by the flood is the responsibility of the Co* and
not wholly an w Act of God n* WINFIELD AND  OKANAGAN   CENTRE
R. R.  NO. 1
It should be noted that in order to conserve flood water
and for protection against flood damage th© users through their
Irrigation District organization endeavoured to raise the height
of Beaver Lake dam© The Co* prevented this. The District then
felt it so imperative that it borrowed money and built a dam on
Crooked Lake * It is submitted that this dam has not only been
effective as a partial flood control but also it has provided
a greater amount of water available for distribution by the Co*
The user has been taxed for the last eleven years and
still is paying $1*15 an acre to defray the cost of this dam*
Ability to pay may not be considered by the Commission
but it should be noted that in the past the B. C* Conservation
Fund has cancelled large percentages of the capital expenditure
of other Districts owing to the users inability to pay* This in
spite of the fact that the rates paid are on the whole lower than
the Go* present rate of $6*00 per acre foot*
Evidence can be provided to prove that even at the
existing rate certain users have in the past paid as high as
of their total revenue for irrigation water* WINFIELD AND  OKANAGAN   CENTRE
R. R.  NO. 1
It might be suggested that certain replacements
have been made necessary by misjudgement on the part of the
Specific can be mentioned in this connection*


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